dance moms season 4 casting abby 'Dance Moms' Season 4 finale, Part 1: Abby is more than ready for Hollywood

On a night of finales, “Dance Moms” decides to make it a destination episode. That’s right: it’s Hollywood, Calif. for Nationals, and already, the lights are a little brighter and the stars are always out. Abby hits the nail right on the head:

“I wanted my kids to attend a Nationals here in this city, because this city is all about stars, and I make stars.”

The dance moms are still just as dance mom-ish as they’ve ever been, and a change of location can’t change that. 

It starts with Abby bringing in the National-winning Select team just before she announces the three dancers she’s narrowed down for Junior soloists. Just a reminder: The Select team has defeated Abby’s Junior League competition team three years in a row already, and a fourth time could always be on the horizon. Abby calls it all part of the “learning process,” but the moms see it as cruel and unusual punishment.

Speaking of unusual, Ava — who was cut from the team — shows up with her mother Jeanette, acting like nothing ever happened. Jeanette doesn’t see why anyone would consider it “stalking” (calling it “perseverance and determination”) even though she and her daughter just flew over to be with a team neither of them are a part of. But since this is “Dance Moms,” that’s far from the biggest concern in this episode.

In fact, Abby isn’t really concerned about that at all. After all, she needs to get her name out there, and she is using all of this to hop aboard the “publicity train.” That’s what this is all about, right? There’s a reason a show called “Dance Moms” is all about the dance instructor. No one can play the game as well as Abby Lee Miller. They can try, but they will most likely fail.

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Posted by:LaToya Ferguson