dance moms season 4 abby girls 'Dance Moms' Season 4 finale, Part 2: Abby needs an ego check and a time out

It was bound to happen, but “Dance Moms” has finally truly created a monster in the form of Abby Lee Miller. No, it’s not the over-the-top, demanding side of Abby — that was always there. It’s something much worse: Four seasons into “Dance Moms,” Abby has officially bought into her own hype and needs to be taken down a peg or two.

The signs were there in part one of the season finale, with Abby being too invested in her own publicity to really focus on the important things (you know, like dance instructing), but here in part two, she’s a mess. The “saving grace” is that Abby’s girls beat against Cathy’s Candy Apple’s Dance Center, but that’s only because had they lost, there’s no telling what Abby would do. While her ego needs massive deflating, a loss at this point would surely do more harm than good.

The Abby Lee Miller in this season finale has too many stars in her eyes and is thinking too much about herself and Hollywood. Yes, she’s the “true” star of the show, but if this is a glimpse of what the show is going to be like once Abby and her studio make the official move to Los Angeles, then everyone better strap in for the diva earthquake that’s sure to come.

The moms of “Dance Moms” are not usually the voice of reason, but they have really had it with Abby’s Hollywood blinders:

“The dance is a mess. Abby has not invested the time that she needed to into this dance.”

“You haven’t been here all week. Sorry, you’ve checked out, Abby. We all know it.”

The episode continues to paint Abby in an even less flattering light when it comes to her rivalry with Cathy and the Candy Apples (or the Rotten Apples, as Abby prefers to call them, channeling her inner third grader). When Cathy uses Sia’s “Chandelier” for her kids’ group number, she knows it’s going to get a rise out of Abby … because Abby isn’t functioning at an adult level at this point. According to Cathy, Sia can’t stand Abby and allowed the Apples to use the song for that reason alone.

So Abby tries to convince Maddie — who isn’t even doing a solo at Nationals — to dance a solo to “Chandelier” and show them how it’s done. She gives Maddie the choice of whether she wants to do it, and Maddie says no, because she, as a child, is more mature than Abby at this point. Despite saying that it’s okay for Maddie to make either choice, Abby remains upset, even when Maddie — the only person who was actually in Sia’s music video — doesn’t make a big deal of it.

Of course, Abby is not the only immature one, as dance mom Brigette shows up on behalf of Candy Apple’s during a ALDC rehearsal, blasting the song and trying to get into everyone’s heads. It backfires, as Maddie — again, the only mature one here, at the age of 12 — dances to the song until Brigette eventually gives up and leaves.

It’s essentially a David (Cathy) and Goliath (Abby) situation where the alternative to Goliath is just as bad. And also, once where David and Goliath never learned the golden rule — treat others how you would want to be treated — in kindergarten.

Next season is going to be the glitz and glamour of Hollywood with the immaturity and ego of Abby Lee Miller. Dance gods, help us all.

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Posted by:LaToya Ferguson