" takes our dancetestants to the movies. There must've been something in the popcorn because everyone had lost pretty big numbers this week.

After a rough double elimination week, Host Marissa Jaret Winokur dropped in on the contestants at the beginning of rehearsal week to let them know that they'll be dancing to songs from movies. The catch is there's a specific dance style per song and each is different. Some of the styles are very odd choices with the songs but…uh, okay.

Live in the studio, judges Mayte Garcia, Lisa Ann Walters, and Danny Teeson are introduced and Marissa reminds us that the last two contestants called are the ones with the lowest weight loss percentage this week.

1. Shayla & Mario

Song/Movie/Style: "Low" a la Flo Rida/"Step Up 2 The Streets"/Hip Hop

She was stoked to get this style and I can see why. She was hitting the movies hard straight out the gate. Her ankle is still hurt from last week but is coping well. SHe's favoring her leg a bit but she's not letting it hinder her performance at all. And the routine is very well choreographed. Mayte appreciates that she's injured but did the routine full out. Lisa Ann called her a star. Danny thinks she separating herself from the rest of the competition.

Score: 8.3 (8-9-8)

Weightloss: 2.6% (-5 lbs)

Total: 10.90

2. Pinky & Mr. Lucky

Song/Movie/Style: Fake-me-out "Shout"/"Animal House"/Tap

Pinky had another meeting with Meg Werner Moreta, MS RD to see where she's going wrong diet wise to stay out of the bottom. The problem was that she wasn't eating balanced enough and ate more veggies and fruits. Clearly it worked out. The routine is really cute and she's giving a lot of great personality. Mr. Lucky flipped Pinky over his back at one point and they ended the number right by the judges panel. Mayte didn't see much connection because she was probably concentrating too hard. Lisa Ann disagrees but found she had Latin body language instead of Jive. Danny quite liked it but it excel technically.

Score: 6.7 (6-7-7)

Weightloss: 2.35% (-4.2 lbs)

Total: 9.05

3. Miles & Michelle

Song/Movie/Style: "Fame" a la Irene Cara/"Fame"/Jazz

It definitely fit with the spirit of movie – the original not the remake – but Jazz as a genre can often be awkward. The execution wasn't great and there were synch problems but he did really well considering he hasn't had any formal dancer training. What's hilarious to me was how wide Danny's eyes were through the number. Mayte thought it felt like a dance recital. Lisa Ann is not a fan of the style. Danny begins by saying he really like Miles and knows how hard he's been working but he "hated it with a passion."

Score: 5.3 (5-5-6)

Weightloss: 2.48% (-6 lbs)

Total: 7.78

4. Mara & Paul

Song/Movie/Style: "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)" a la Dead or Alive/"The Wedding Singer"/Tango

She was also diabetic when she arrived and took medication for it. Now, after only four weeks, she doesn't need it anymore. Fantastic! This is the weirdest song/style combo to me on paper. But it works better than I thought it would. The intensity is good and she's giving good face. There's some oddness in the posture in hold but she's really working it out overall. Mayte loved the connection with the partner with the hint to point her toes. Lisa Ann called the choreography "genius." Danny was looking forward to the number and enjoyed.

Score: 7.7 (8-8-7)

Weightloss: 2.03% (-5 lbs)

Total: 9.73

5. Ruben & Hilary

Song/Movie/Style: Fake-me-out "Old Time Rock And Roll"/"Risky Business"/Foxtrot

This is the biggest "huh?" out of all the dance/song pairing tonight. It's good choreography though, it's got little higlights of other dance styles in there. I can tell Ruben's feeling really good because the performance quality has increased so much from week one. It's more natural now. Mayte only note is that he still anticipates his moves at times. Lisa Ann was a little disappointed by the lack of Foxtrot content. Danny didn't have high hopes but ended up really enjoying it.

Score:7.3 (8-6-8)

Weightloss: 3.64% (-10.3!! lbs) – Miles looked stunned and when Marissa announced he's lost 41.8 pounds so far, he got a standing ovation

Total: 10.94

The Bottom Two

Alicia and Trice have lost the least weight percentage wise and need to over take Miles if either is going to stick around.

1. Trice & Jesus

Song/Movie/Style: Karaoke "All That Jazz"/"Chicago"/Broadway via Fosse

She's giving me face an attitude. Great choreography by Jesus. Like many of the other contestants, she needs to work on pointing her toes but I was impressed by the overall quality of movement. Mayte gave props to Jesus for the steps and loved the performance from Trice. Lisa Ann gives the tip to follow through with the movment but loved the joy and fun. Danny agrees with Lisa Ann that the feet weren't great but she definitely made up for it with the performance.

Weightloss: 1.55% (-3.9 lbs)

2. Alicia & Italo

Song/Movie/Style: Not-the-real "Maniac"/"Flashdance"/Jive

Since Mayte told her to work on her core last week, Lee the Trainer took that as a personal challenge. Her faces were scary starting out. A little too intense. Danny had a look of grave concern on his face when they cut to him. Technique-wise, it's like she's doing Jazz instead of Jive the whole time, but the choreography is really good. Mayte can tell Alicia core has improved by sight and quality of movement. The musicality needs improvement but she thought it was a good performance. She didn't complete her moves enough for Lisa Ann but agrees that it was performed well. Danny thought there was too much "Flashdance" and not enough Jive.

Weightloss: 1.76% (-4.2 lbs)

When Alicia scores come in, she get a 7 from Mayte and Lisa Ann and a 6 from Danny – the 6.7 average gives her an 8.46 so she's safe. Now it's come down to Miles and Trice. Danny gave her a 6 and Mayte gave her a 7. A teary Lisa Ann gave her an 8 and, upon realizing she's safe, she jumped into Miles arms and he gave her a big old hug. Awww.

I really like Miles. I'd gladly have traded Alicia for him because…well…she has crazy eyes. Thought I'm sure she's lovely.

Your thoughts on tonight's proceedings? Are you as blown away by how much Ruben lost this week? Did you have a favorite number?

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Posted by:Tamara Brooks