Mariolopez_karinasmirnoff_dancingstars3__4So we’re down to the final four on Dancing with the Stars, and all four competitors brought everything they could to Tuesday’s loosely Halloween-themed edition of the show.

But really, this is Mario Lopez’s godawful mirror-ball trophy to lose, right?

I mean, even the waltz he did on Tuesday — traditional ballroom routines haven’t been his best stuff so far, and he and Karina Smirnoff were performing to a rather morose and un-dance-y song — yet he goes and scores a 28 with it. Then follows that up with a 29 in the Latin round.

I have a feeling that next week’s semis will be an all-male affair, as Monique, despite a really strong second dance on Tuesday, put herself in a bit of a hole with her first routine, a tango. And while I always love me some Rockwell, the really weird arrangement of "Somebody’s Watching Me" didn’t do her any favors either. She’s narrowly avoided elimination a couple of times, and I think this week might finally be her time to go.

Which leaves Joey and Emmitt. They tied on the judges’ scoreboard Tuesday — for the record, it’s Mario 57, Emmitt and Joey 54 each and Monique 53 — and it’s probably pretty much a tossup at this point, too, as to who has more viewer support. I’ve been more surprised at how good Emmitt has been — better than Jerry Rice last season, I think — so if I had to, I’d probably like to see him get to the finale in two weeks.

But after the past couple of shows, it really seems like everyone else is just playing for second behind Mario. Don’t you think?

Posted by:Rick Porter