kyle massey five reasons 'Dancing With the Stars': 5 reasons Kyle Massey will win, 5 reasons he won't

The “Dancing With the Stars” semifinals are upon us, and after examining the merits and the flaws of Bristol “The Pistol” Palin,” we turn our attention to another competitor, Kyle Massey.

Massey went into Season 11 with two distinctions. For one, he was the only name among the 12-person cast not to be leaked to the press before the announcement. And when he was revealed, much of the show’s older audience weren’t quite sure who he was.

But the Disney star has endured longer than anyone would have expected, improving every week and charming voters and the judges — especially that Carrie Ann Inaba. So whether he ultimately triumphs or fails, here are the determining factors working for (and against) Mr. Kyle Massey:

5 reasons Kyle Massey will win:

1. The element of surprise – Who ever thought Kyle Massey would make it this far in the competition? Not us. And not Kyle. But he’s continued to get better every week, while winning over the audience with his personality. He’s the real dark horse of this competition.

2. Charm – Always smiling, laughing and peppering his interviews with humor, Kyle is funny without ever taking it into the realm of the obnoxious — something you’ve got to worry about with those Disney kids. He’s probably the most likable contestant remaining.

3. Stoicism – Oye with the complaining! This season’s tears, judge-challenging and general attitude from many of the contestants stops with Kyle. He hasn’t had a negative thing to say in 8 weeks, and it’s refreshing, because you know the pressure and the physical stress have got to be getting to him too.

4. Progress – Kyle’s steady progress flirted with the mind-blowing during his Week 8 Viennese Waltz. Cementing our own pride was the adoring look of surprise on his mother’s face.

5. Lacey Schwimmer – The last female pro standing, Lacey might possibly be the best dancer on the floor in week 9. She’s also got that “So You Think You Can Dance” pedigree, which comes built in with a voting fan base.

5 reasons Kyle Massey will lose:

1. Talent

His skills have developed more than anyone thought they would, and while he’s still better than Bristol Palin (at least according to the judges), he’s still nowhere near as solid as Brandy or Jennifer Grey.

2. That Y Chromosome – Season 11 has not been kind to the gentlemen of “DWTS.” Female personalities dominate the competition, and many think this is just one for the ladies.

3. Recognition – As he was in the beginning of the season, Kyle remains the least famous cast member. Sure, your mother thinks he’s adorable. But is she really calling in for him?

4. Drive – It seems clear that at least two of his competitors want this a lot more than he does. And passion goes a long way with “DWTS” fans. Clearly, he’s committed to the show, but he doesn’t seem to take it that seriously.

5. Aesthetics – Kyle’s male handicap is also a sartorial issue. “DWTS” suits don’t look nearly as cool as those sequined dresses, and, youngin’ that he is, Kyle often comes across as a bit of a goof in those silky shirts and overly adorned tuxes.

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