niecy nash dwts0329 320 'Dancing With The Stars': Niecy Nash, Aiden Turner up for elimination in Week 4Four weeks in and “Dancing With The Stars” has had a different Bottom Two every time. Sadly this means one of my favorites will be gone this time around.

Hosts Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke, wearing a lovely dress tonight, kick the show off by saving Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke and Jake Pavelka and Chelsie Hightower. Chad’s reaction was pretty awesome – he hugged one of the dudes to his left before hugging Cheryl.

We get our Len-narrated recap from last night with confessionals, the most interesting of which was Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerikovskiy expressing agressive confusion at their very low scores (I agree she was better than a six).

Pamela Anderson and Damian Whitewood get their first encore nod of the season for their Rumba. The ending split she does is no less impressive the second time around.

Since next week’s special feature is music from movies, we’re treated to a fake horror movie trailer, complete with “Grindhouse”-like voice-over before going to commercial. It was…amusing.

Sade, who hasn’t aged since the 80’s, treats us to the song “Babyfather” next. Oddly, Tom and Brooke introduced her like she was a band, not an individual. I wonder if she asked for that or if the writers are incredbly clueless. Damian and Chelsie are our pros, getting their Rumba on.

Evan Lysacek and Anna Trebunskaya are saved, as they should be, before we’re treated to more ads.

Filler #1: The pro dancers talk about how they began dancing as kids, complete with photos and video. For Derek Hough, Mark Ballas, and Chelsie, that was all of three years ago. This actually has some relevance though because it leads into a showcase perforance featuring up-and-coming Ballroom stars, including last season’s young dancers winners. The number was choreographed by Mark and very well-performed.

We get another fake trailer – this one is Old Hollywood romance themed with Evan and Niecy Nash as the leads of “ChaChaBlanca.” After the commercial break, the show returns with another one. It’s stars Tony Dovolani in “Glambo: First Dance.” Seeing Tony slather on some baby oil and run around screaming is actually quite funny.

Nicole Scherzinger and Derek and Pamela and Damian are both given a stay of execution before being sent to be interviewed by Brooke with Jake and Chelsie. Nicole headpiece sure is sparkly. Oooo…sparkly…

The Macy’s Stars of Dance segment has a Prima Ballerina as the featured dancer (I’ll have to catch her name later) in a routine to the music of Nothin’ But Stringz, who totally should’ve won “America’s Got Talent.” It was choreography by Travis Wall and it was awesome. I’m going to have to watch it a few more times.

Sade returns with her first big hit, “The Sweetest Taboo.” This time, there are four male dancers I don’t believe I’ve seen on the show before. The choreography is an interesting mix of Hip Hop, Breaking, and Contemporary. I like it, we should see it again soon.

After another backstage interview I ignored, Erin and Maks are safe and I’m getting a bit of a sinking feeling that Niecy is in trouble. Yet another fake trailer before ad break. This one is spy-flavored with Chad as “Double O-chocinco” in “Dance Another Day,” complete with three-second sub-teaser of Pamela as “Jaymes Blonde.” The latter could totally be a Syfy movie of the week.

And then there were the Bottom Three (I wish they’d make their minds up on if it’s going to be two or three). Kate Gosselin and Tony are released from the Red Light of Doom leaving Niecy and Louis Van Amstel and Aidern Turner and Edyta Sliwinska in peril.

It’s the end of the road for Aiden and Edyta. A sympathetic Kate gives him a hug before they go for their exit interview. I understand why it was him but…boo.

Tom points out that he got a standing ovation from the audience, which has never happened for a Week 4 elimination. Poor Aiden got choked up. Aw. Sad panda. I’d much prefer if Jake were given the ax, mainly because his personality does zero for me.

What are your feelings on tonight’s elimination? Since Kate’s actually enjoying herself now, are you glad she was saved? Were there way too many of those fake trailers?

Posted by:Tamara Brooks