Warrensapp_dancingwiththestars_240 Tonight’s Dancing with the Stars managed to air something that made me cringe more than when Samantha Harris does backstage interviews. And this was after someone scored a season high twenty-nine points. It totally brought the room down.


1. Susan Lucci & Tony
Dance/Song: Jive/"Why Do Fools Fall In Love" by Frankie Lyman & The Teenagers
Susan’s still having issues over-thinking things in rehearsal. To help her with master the sharp kicks and flicks, Tony takes her to visit The Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall in New York. I liked the character La Lucci brought to the dance and her outfit is great. It was a little timid or unsure at times, which could be attributed to the bandage on the ankle (she rolled it during today’s practice). Mistakes aside, she is improving in general.
Judges: They thought that, overall, she did a good job but Bruno and Carrie Ann noted her unsteadiness and timidity respectively.
Score: 21 (all 7’s)

Lancebass_dancingwiththestars_240 2. Lance Bass & Lacey
Dance/Song: Viennese Waltz/"Let Me Leave" by Marc Broussard – the original is fantastic and I highly suggest you check it out since they messed up the words…
Based on Len being so cranky every week, they have decided to go one-hundred-percent traditional with the dance. To test it out Lance & Lacey went and danced at a retirement home to get some feedback. As Lance says, "9 out of 10 senior citizens approve of this Waltz and so should you, Len." Comedy. It was very pretty. Big ups to Lacey on the choreography. One thing Lance needs to work on is his arms to make sure he’s always carrying the motion through to his fingers and to keep his posture/frame up.
Judges: It was a little flat for Bruno, there wasn’t enough of their personalities into it. Carrie Ann thought it was fantastic, a "perfect blend of traditional and contemporary" and further complimented that he was dancing as much as she was. Len didn’t like his technique but thought it was their best dance content-wise.
Score: 22 (8-7-7)

3. Maurice Greene & Cheryl
Dance/Song: Jive/"Rock Around The Clock" by Bill Haley & The Comets
Maurice is having a lot, a lot of trouble this week so Cheryl takes him out to the park to jump rope and run through tires to get used to moving his feet quickly while keeping his balance. It was solid overall and there were some really good moments but something seemed off to me. I think it was because the song was being played about 10 clicks slower than usual. Not super slow, but slow enough that it almost felt like they were working super hard at keeping the energy up.
Judges: Happy thoughts from all the judges with Len saying it’s their best dance so far and Bruno complimenting him on concentrating on the precision of the routine.
Score: 24 (all 8’s)

Roccodispirito_dancingwiththestars_ 4. Rocco DiSpirito & Karina
Dance/Song: Viennese Waltz/"What’s New Pussycat?" by Tom Jones
After a rough week and the judges’ advice to work on his musicality, Karina blindfolded Rocco and had him move to different types of music so he could really feel them. Rocco felt liberated by the blindfold and felt it really helped him. It’s a shame that they got a turkey of a song to dance too. Hey Producers, just because it’s the right time signature doesn’t make it an appropriate Waltz song. Anyway, Rocco starts the number with the blindfold on as they dance on top of the stage. The technique isn’t great but his musicality has certainly improved from last week. I can’t even really evaluate at it correctly since they had to dance to this cheesy yet totally enjoyable song.
Judges: Len said that it had lovely moments but sometimes he gets over-excited and loses his time. Bruno agrees, but phrases it in a less friendly way. Carrie Ann says he’s the most improved of all the dancers.
Score: 20 (7-7-6)

5. Warren Sapp & Kym
Dance/Song: Viennese Waltz/"Lovin’ You" by Alicia Keys
Warren has to go from being aggressive to being all smooth and romantical and whatnot. I’m always impressed by how well they travel the floor. It was cute, I enjoyed it. Kym did great with the choreography.
Judges: Bruno called it "big, smooth and beautiful" and complimented how he always gets the character of the dance right; Carrie Ann was blown away agreed with Bruno; and Len said that he’s "giving those skinny people a real run for their money."
Score: 25 (9-8-8)

6. Cody Linley & Julianne
Dance/Song: Jive/"Call Me The Breeze" by Lynyrd Skynyrd
Cody’s looking to channel his energy into the quick, craziness into the Jive. But he’s having a little trouble controlling it in rehearsal. Some of those problems continue in the performance but the overall energy was good. He got ahead or behind of the beats at times and it wasn’t the best choreography I’ve ever seen from Julianne.
Judges: Carrie Ann said it had great energy but she could tell he was counting through the whole thing. Len thought the first half was great but the second part was repetitive. Bruno agreed with Len.
Score: 21 (all 7’s)

Tonibraxton_dancingwiththestars_240 7. Toni Braxton & Alec
Dance/Song: Viennese Waltz/
Toni wants to take a risk this week, which Alex found odd since it’s the week they have the most traditional of dances. I like her costume – it’s a poofy Marie Antoinette-type dress complete with a wig. I appreciate that they put a very solid character to the dance but I find the music to be…grating. Her technique looked good overall but Toni needs to make sure she’s keeping her arm extended long enough.
Judges: Len, as expected, didn’t like it – though more so because he thinks gimmicks are the last resort of a bad dancer, which she is not. Bruno pretty much agrees. Carrie Ann, however, liked it and got what they were trying to do as the Viennese Waltz was originally a scandalous dance.
Score: 22 (8-7-7)

8. Cloris Leachman & Corky
Dance/Song: Jive/"The Girl Can’t Help It" by Little Richard
Corky is worried because not only are there thirty more seconds to the routine, they’re also doing the most energetic of dances. Because Cloris is not as capable physically as the others, Corky is making sure to ramp up the entertainment factor. One thing’s for sure, he’s pretty much dancing for the both of them. He put a lot of funny things in the number to make up for the fact
that she can barely do the dance including ripping off her wig and throwing it.
Judges: Bruno says, "to call this wacky would be the understatement of the year…it was beyond comprehension." Carrie Ann agrees adding that what she lacks in technique she made up with in the entertainment factor. Len didn’t get to say much.
Score: 16 (6-5-5)

Brookeburke_dancingwiththestars_240 9. Brooke Burke & Derek
Dance/Song: Viennese Waltz/"Daughters" by John Mayer
They finally had a fight based on mutual frustration and partially because Derek put his big foot in his mouth. She actually walked out on him at one point. This is the most personality I’ve ever seen from Brooke. Ever. You can put together the overall wattage from all of her hosting gigs from the past 7 years and it probably wouldn’t match that display. The number itself sis very pretty. She’s got the technique down very well and seemed more connected to the emotion of the dance than any of the previous. Perhaps it’s because she ends the number with giving her daughter (I’m assuming the eldest) a kiss at her seat in the audience – dancing for someone specific always helps with the emoting. She is definitely the best so far but, as the other celebs improve, if she can’t project her personality through the TV she’ll be in big trouble.
Judges: Nothing but happy thoughts by the judges with Len calling it the best dance of the season so far.
Score: 28 (9-10-9)

Mistymaytreanor_dancingwiththestars As you may have heard by now, Misty May-Treanor suffered a severe injury this past Friday. She comes out of the audience on crutches, a cast on her leg, and takes a seat next to Tom in the middle of the floor to discuss what happened. Her ankle literally popped during practice. Everyone is horrified, especially given the how loud it was when they played the tape of what happened. Um…her Achilles tendon ruptured. Oh, the cringing and the pain, that poor, poor thing. Awful, awful, awful. Carrie Ann was covering her face with both hands, she was so horrified. All the credit in the world to Misty who was taking it as well as she could. But on the bright side, this doesn’t affect Misty’s Volleyball career as she is between tournaments and was planning to take time off anyway. She’ll get surgery tomorrow

She said very nice things about Maks, saying "the world needs more Maksim" and he called her angelic, among other things. They vow to remain friends and, when Misty recovers, she wants to come back and do the Jive. They assembled a goodbye package for them which is cool. Argh! Poor thing! She was one of the people I was looking forward to seeing develop.

Who’s Out: Assuming they actually vote someone off, I’m thinking it’s Cloris. I can’t see how it wouldn’t be.

What are your thoughts on tonight? Did Brooke deserve her 10? Did you recoil as much as I did when they were talking about Misty’s injury? If I were a turtle, I’d have been all up in my shell. Who do you think is going to be out?

Posted by:Tamara Brooks