niecy nash dwts0329 320 'Dancing With the Stars': Surprisingly unsurprising elimination in Week 6Results shows can be tricky on “Dancing With the Stars” so I’m a bit shocked things turned out as I expected.

Hosts Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke continues the tradition of revealing some results as soon as the show starts. Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovsky are given the privalege of finding out their safe early. As it should be.

Next is the Len Goodman-lead recap from the performance show. He said Chad Ochocinco and Erin were the break-outs of the night, even going so far as saying Chad and Cheryl Burke’s Argentine Tango was the best dance of the night for him. Len also said Maks was a distraction to Erin’s promising Samba.

As I expected, Chad and Cheryl got the encore dance and performed very well. This and the Paso Doble have been his best dances so far. Very interesting. I’m curious to see him do another “party dance” now that he’s got some more technique under his belt.

The first musical guest is Melissa Ethridge with the title track from her new album “Fearless Love.” She’s so awesome. Chelsie Hightower, Tony Dovolani, Maks, and Anna Trebunskaya are the pros performing with her. I loved how they were flying around the floor and I dig the song.

After the quick leaderboard run-down so that the couples can reset on stage, it’s time for more results. Or a result since only Chad and Cheryl were told they were safe. Chad immedietely swept her into his arms in celebration. Ok. So far, so good but there’s a small feeling of dread developing that I’m trying to ignore.

Ridiculously skilled Flamenco guitarist Benise has the floor next to perform the number “Salsa Salsa” from an upcoming TV special. He has his own group of dancers accompanying him. They made me want to throw on a ruffle skirt and shake it myself. Excellent performance.

Filler #1 is actually very interesting. John Brinkus takes us through a “Sports Science” evaluation of what it takes to dance like Dmitry Chaplin and Edyta Sliwinska. Dmitry’s split jump is 38 inches in the air, equal to a Kobe Bryant dunk, and the top velocity of Edyta’s spins are faster than Lance Armstrong’s wheels at top speed. I’d love to see a whole hour special on this stuff. Clap it up for a legitmitely entertaining and informative special segment.

Melissa Ethridge returns to perform her classic hit “Come To My Window.” Edyta and Alec Mazo are the dancers. Tom uses Edyta’s costuming to transition into saying the Design A Dance Costume contest is still open and holy crap that’s Sam Neil standing in the audience behind him. Hazzah for Sam!

More results…sort of. Between Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough and Jake Pavelka and Chelsie, the former are safe and the latter are still on the hook. After thirty-seven minutes, we have no idea who’s in the bottom yet.

Ah…Sam Neil is in “Happy Town.” He’s in the audience with two other stars of the ABC show. Shame on me for not remembering when I saw him.

Filler #2 is the remaining celebtestants talking about making it to the halfway point and the reality of competing on the show. It was over-dramatically scored but acutally intersting. Two for two tonight.

Tom and Brooke reveal that Pamela Anderson and Damian Whitewood are safe leaving Evan Lysacek and Anna and Niecy Nash and Louis Van Amstel in limbo with Jake and Chelsie.

Argh! Again with the visual recap for the bottom three! It’s only frustrating because I know Tom and Brooke are just going to reiterate what we just say the judges say (and said at the top of the show). Mmm…redundancy.

Jake and Chelsie are officially in the Red Light of DOOOOOOM. Evan and Anna are safe, as I expected, leaving Niecy and Louis under the red hue.

After a brief word about both celebtestants from Len, it’s revealed that Jake and Chelsie have been eliminated. The hug for an extended moment before coming down to the floor to be interviewed.

He graciously thanks everyone ever for their support and says that he loved his time there. He was holding on very well until Tom and Brooke asked him to speak to Chelsie. Then there was the choking up as he thanked her and told her he loved her (as his best friend of course). And all that’s left is the Farewell Package and their last dance.

Were you surprised by the results? Do you disagree? What did you think of that “Sports Science” segment? Anything else you’d like to share?

Posted by:Tamara Brooks