After Rocco DiSpirito & Karina received a stay of execution last week, he and all the celebs are putting their best steps forward on tonight’s Dancing with the Stars to avoid a low two-week combo score. Because no one escapes this week.


When they showed the house band, that one singer (you know the one) was wearing an outfit that kind of looked like she skinned the Cowardly Lion and is wearing his pelt in triumph. Paired, of course, with a coordinated bejeweled headdress. (NOTE: I missed a lot of songs this episode so I’ll add them later.)

1. Maurice Greene & Cheryl
Dance/Song: Samba/"That’s The Way (I Like It)" by KC & The Sunshine Band    

Maurice is far too worried about the steps to have fun dancing so Cheryl brings in his daughter and some of her friends so he’d lighten up. They’re dressed appropriately Disco like and Cheryl’s hair is crazy (Maurice is wearing an afro wig too). It’s a fun number with Samba content but the Disco flavor is somewhat overpowering. But big-ups to Maurice for really grabbing that character with both hands.

Judges: Len enjoyed it but he says Maurice needs to refine his movement, Bruno agrees, and Carrie Ann feels he hasn’t progressed.

Score: 20 (6-7-7)

2. Cody Linley & Julianne 

Dance/Song: Tango/"Bohemian Like You" by The Dandy Warhols
Because Cody is such a spazz, Julianne has his high school principal chastise him via an interweb camera so he’d actually focus in rehearsal. Wow. The choreography was certainly better than last week. It’s a terrible song to have to Tango to but he did very well in general. The hold was there and the technique was solid, a definite improvement.

Judges: Bruno dug it, Carrie Ann acknowledged that some of his struggles were due to tripping over Julianne’s outfit, and Len said he was growing up.

Score: 23 (7-8-8)

3. Toni Braxton & Alec
Dance/Song: Samba/"De Donde Soy" by Thalia    

Toni’s excited to be doing the Samba this week since her doctor told her she’s much healthier now and the dancing is helping her, freeing her of a lot of anxiety. Alex is putting Samba Rolls in the dance for the first time ever on the show. In general, it was a solid number. There were some mistakes and she still lacks complete control of her arms, but the Samba Rolls were good.

Judges: Carrie Ann advises Toni to work on her shoulders, Len said it had good moments despite a few mistakes, and Bruno really enjoyed it in spite of the occasional wonky moment.

Score: 22 (7-7-8)

4. Cloris Leachman & Corky (Corky?)

Dance/Song: Tango/"The big Date" by Marc Shaiman
Cloris wants to amp up the technical content of the dance. Some of her family (including great-grandchildren) stop by the rehearsal. This is definitely the most content they’ve ever had. It was entertaining without being garish and had a level of sophistication that’s never been there before. And she has great extension, very impressive.

Judges: Len said it was "absolutely fabulous," Bruno said it was like watching a silent movie, and Carrie Ann apologizes for underestimating her since she did such a great job.

Score: 22 (8-7-7)

5. Rocco DiSpirito & Karina
Dance/Song: Samba/"I Go To Rio" by Peter Allen    

After escaping elimination last week, Rocco is determined to work extra hard to stay in. His concentration is so high, he’s forgetting to have fun. Luckily, his mom comes in for a visit. Mrs. DiSpirito is full of awesome and helps Rocco loosen up. He’s a bit clunky but looks like he’s having fun

Judges: Bruno was…not particularly nice, Carrie Ann agreed but put it in a much better way (that the dancing was lacking but he always has fun), and Len pretty much just said 

Score: 18 (all 6’s)

6. Susan Lucci & Tony

Dance/Song: Tango/"La Bohemia" by Electric Dub Tango    

Based on Carrie Ann calling her "timid" last week, Tony wants to give the judges a full on "Erica Kane" Tango. To give Tony a taste of her acting world, Susan arranges for him to have a background part. He’s on crutches and gets in her way, so he apologizes and sulks away. High-larious. The number definitely had a good attitude. I think some of the footwork (the kicks) could’ve been a little…bigger since she’s so tiny, but overall it was really good.

Judges: Carrie Ann called it "moving art," Len said it was her best dance so far, and Bruno also dug it.

Score: 24 (all 8’s)

7. Brooke Burke & Derek
Dance/Song: Samba/A surprisingly decent cover of "Hip Hip Chin Chin" by Club Des Belugas    

Derek takes Brooke to a restaurant with Brazilian dancers to give her a feel for how to really shake it. Derek is acting a bit of a fool in rehearsal which Brooke is enjoying. It’s a solid number. She does much better than I thought she was going to do. Brooke’s personality still doesn’t carry that far to me but it’s projecting a few more feet than usual. The hip action was surprisingly good though inconsistant.

Judges: Len thought it was a bit too raunchy but Bruno and Carrie Ann dug it.

Score: 26 (9-8-9)

8. Lance Bass & Lacey

Dance/Song: Tango/"Disturbia" by Rihanna – BOOOOOOOO!    

Given the hits taken last week based on Lance’s lack of solid frame, Lacey really cracked the whip this week in making sure his posture didn’t sag during the Tango. Lance also wanted to make sure they had a good balance of content and personality. Given the crappy song they were given to dance to (not the worst song of the night, but still not great), Lacey once again must be commended on not letting it negatively effect the choreography. A really good performance this week. Lance managed to maintain his posture and the technique was solid too.

Judges: Bruno really liked it, Carrie Ann called it amazing and said he finally shined, and Len called him "Sir Dancealot." Holy crap, Len liked it!

Score: 26 (9-8-9)

9. Warren Sapp & Kym
Dance/Song: Samba/"Bounce With Me" by Kreesha Turner    

Kym takes Warren on a field trip to a Capoeira studio. He’s surprisingly good at it, even doing a controlled handstand at one point. Impressive. Perhaps that got my expectations up for the number. It was a fun dance but lacked a certain amount of oomph. Warren was light on his feet and entertaining as always but
it just didn’t have the zing I wanted.
Judges: Carrie Ann found it entertaining as usual but felt it was lacking "a hair of content." Len and Bruno agreed. 

Score: 22 (8-7-7)

Who’s Out: The two-week total means Cloris and Rocco are tied. I guess it remains to be seen if Rocco is cute enough to overcome Cloris’ elderly fanbase.

Your thoughts on tonight? Were you surprised by Cloris in a good way? What was your favorite number of the night? Did anyone disappoint you?

Posted by:Tamara Brooks