dancing with the stars bill nye the science guy 90s kids abc 'Dancing with the Stars': Bill Nye, 'Saved by the Bell' to bring the '90s kids?“Dancing with the Stars” Season 17 represents a big change. Getting Bill Nye the Science Guy plus a couple of “Saved by the Bell” alums is a potentially genius move.

This isn’t just because the show is dropping from two nights per week to a single Monday show. It has nothing to do with bringing in teenagers or those who will be inspired by Valerie Harper‘s participation despite a terminal cancer diagnosis.

The change we can expect involves the ’90s kids.

Over the past couple of years, nostalgia for the 1990s has supplanted 1980s love in the realm of pop culture. Shows from Nickelodeon’s pre-teen heyday have come back to television. Boy bands reunite to great acclaim. Magazines and online sites report every career move made by anyone who ever starred on “Saved by the Bell.”

It only makes sense that “Dancing with the Stars” has caught on to the trend.

Which stars are likely to bring the ’90s kids running?

Bill Nye

Originally a local comedian and actor in Seattle, Bill Nye took the nation by storm with his quirky experiments and even quirkier presentation. “Bill Nye the Science Guy” was the universally beloved — they showed it in schools — example of TV education in the ’90s. Then it all went away.

While Nye has since appeared on television in educational and entertainment roles, kids who grew up with the “Science Guy” have always seemed to prefer the original. If the performer can bring back even a little of that to “Dancing with the Stars,” his old fans will come flocking.

“Saved by the Bell”

It’s not like “Dancing with the Stars” hasn’t had “Saved by the Bell” alums before. But two of them in the same season?

The two in question are Elizabeth Berkley (who played Jessie Spano) and Leah Remini (who played Stacey Carosi). While Berkley may be remembered most for “Showgirls” and Remini gets attention for “The King of Queens,” both got their big starts on a teen sitcom of the ’90s.

And no one should ever underestimate the power that “Saved by the Bell” still exerts over its fans.

Oh, and something for the even younger ones …

Valerie Harper is easily the biggest star of “DWTS” Season 17, but there are plenty of people to bring in that always-coveted younger audience. In addition to the ’90s stars mentioned above, the show has:

And of course reality stars like Snooki and Jack Osbourne don’t hurt much either.

Really, this could be the youngest audience in “Dancing with the Stars” history.

Posted by:Laurel Brown