brandy max dwts 'Dancing with the Stars': Brandy and Maks react quite differently to their '23'Maksim Chmerkovskiy does not care about your silly scores, judges. The “Dancing with the Stars” pro took the first week’s second highest score (23) in stride, choosing instead to maintain his signature confidence.

“It’s week one,” says Chmerkovskiy when Zap2it caught up with him after the episode. “I’m not really paying attention to judges’ scores yet. I just wanted us to do exactly what we did in rehearsals, show what we’ve been working on and move on to next week.”

Partner Brandy was not quite so calm. Her grace on the dance floor didn’t stop after their Viennese Waltz, when she was humbled by the judges’ excessive praise — and then their handsome scores.

“I had no idea how I was doing,” she says. “I wasn’t thinking about it. I was just in the moment, paying attention to Maks, and then we got two 8s and 7…” She starts to say something else before covering her mouth to express shock, suppress some choice words  — or both. “I still can’t believe it.”

Well, she better start. Brandy solidified her favored position her first night out. Did she get your vote?

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Photo credit: ABC

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell