brandy maksim week 3 'Dancing With the Stars': Brandy restrains herself from bursting into song

If your hopes were high for a surprise performance when you saw Brandy standing behind that microphone on “Dancing With the Stars,” you’re not the only one.

“Oh my god, I wanted that mic to be on so bad,” Brandy told Zap2it when we caught up with her backstage after her week 3 performance.

The pop star’s selection for story week involved a retelling of “The Bodyguard,” with Brandy playing Whitney Houston. Since she needed to focus on the choreography — and showcasing her musical talents would clearly give her a leg up on the competition — it was never a question. Not that that stopped her from begging to sing all week during rehearsals.

“Are you crazy?” asks partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who started dismissing her requests the moment the prop mic came into the picture. “Think about your feet.”

Still, Brandy sang throughout rehearsals, on the hope she might change his mind. “Maks told me, ‘if you don’t stop talking about singing and point that toe…'”

That seems in line with the lovingly combative relationship the partners play up for the audience — and the producers have been keen to show off in the rehearsal packages.

“I’m so far from mean,” says Brandy. “You can’t even be mean to Maks. He’s so strong. It’s not even like that. I just want people to see the different colors of our relationship and see us laughing and having a good time… I kind of hate it that they put it out there that we’re enemies, because that’s totally not true.”

Case closed? Regardless of what you think of Brandy and Maks’ working relationship, they present a united front on wanting to take home a win this season. Brandy couldn’t even process the suggestion that she could come back and finally take the mic, like Michael Bolton, after a possible elimination. “We don’t want to talk about that,” she squeals. “Vote for us!”

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Photo credit: ABC

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell