bruno-tom-DWTS.jpg“Dancing With the Stars” provides viewers with multi-layered entertainment. First, the dancing. Second, wondering what’s going to come out of Bruno Tonioli and Tom Bergeron‘s mouths next.

While the contestants are battling it out on the dance floor, these two are having their own war of words behind their mics. For your reading pleasure, we drafted up a list that includes some of the judge’s melodramatic analogies and the host’s one-line zingers from Monday (April 12) night’s performance show:


Bruno on Pamela Anderson‘s (sort of?) toned-down rumba: “Pamela Anderson can do refinement and elegance and still be drop-dead sexy.”

Bruno gives a backhanded compliment to Kate Gosselin and her semi-decent tango: “Kate, we’re having a mini breakthrough tonight. At moments I actually believed you were dancing. The penny has dropped. Obviously tough love works for you.”

Bruno on Aiden Turner, showcasing his wide-ranging film knowledge: “The Blue Steel was good. There was plenty of that. The problem is when you started dancing it was like stop motion animation. Like a creature from Harryhausen.”

Bruno calls Nicole Scherzinger an unobtainable object of desire and a creature straight out of a dream — but that’s not enough: “Give me a little bit more sex.”

Bruno does not seem to think Pam has the same problem: “Pamela has got the sex in her blood.”


Tom Bergeron about the Tango: “The judges want two Viennese crossovers … and a contre check, which was popular during the Reagan administration.”

Tom Bergeron about Kym and Dmitry’s Rumba: “Kym and Dmitry showing three specific moves and 2% body fat.”

Tom Bergeron on the judges’ low-energy: “Do you guys want some orange juice or a candy bar to get the blood sugar up?”

Tom Bergeron about his appearance on “Castle”: “See what happens to me on the ‘all Bergeron channel.'”

Who do YOU think is more quotable? And what are YOUR all-time favorite Bruno and/or Tom quotes?

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