Carson-Kressley-dwts-vogue-cropped.jpgJ.R. Martinez may have won the night at the finale of “Dancing With the Stars,” but eliminated contestant Carson Kressley stole the show with his incredible dance to “Vogue.” Zap2it was on the scene at the show and got a chance to speak to Kressley about the performance, getting in shape and what this has all meant to him.

“I feel like I won a mirror ball trophy because this experience was so positive for me,” Kressley told us. “I got to work with Anna, who is such a pro and puts her heart and soul into every routine, and gave me my dream routine … to vogue for America and to show the young people how it’s done from back in the day, that was a really special moment.”

“I’m normally the one that transforms people and says, ‘Put this on and you’ll feel better about yourself,’ but this show really transformed me and gave me confidence. I was just vogue-ing in front of 20 million people in a white brocade vest. That takes balls.”

We asked if he ever thought that would happen to him in his lifetime. “Not without being unknowingly drugged,” he laughed. He also told us he finds himself buying more sparkly things. “I was at Neiman’s the other day and there was a sparkly towel and I just had to have it. They kept bringing me everything sparkly and saying, ‘Don’t you want this?’ And I kept saying, ‘Yes. Strangely I do! I didn’t know you could bedazzle underwear, but I’ll take them!'”

Watch Carson Kressley and Anna Trebunskaya dancing to “Vogue” and marvel at the awesomeness.

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