chad ochocinco alyssa milano 'Dancing With the Stars' Chad Ochocinco can claim Alyssa Milano as a fan: 'I love Ochocinco'When Chad Ochocinco steps on the dance floor Monday (April 26), his in-studio fan club will include Alyssa Milano.

The “Romantically Challenged” star told Zap2it she plans to attend the “Dancing With the Stars” taping, where she’ll be rooting for Ochocinco. When we spoke to Milano about her show, she also dished on her “soft spot” for the NFL player.

“I love Ochocinco…. I went to this amazing benefit for Children Mending Hearts, and they had this awesome little 8-year-old kid there whose dream it was to meet Ochocinco and go away to football camp, and Ochocinco came and surprised the kid,” says Milano. “I’ve never cried so hard, I was doing like the full (imitates sobs), like body weeps.”

And while Milano admits that “he’s not the greatest dancer,” she says her fan status is more because of who he is as a person.

“I just think he’s a special guy with a passion for life, and I love watching him out there.”

And she’ll be doing just that tonight when she cheers him on for his Argentine tango.

“I’m excited about sitting in the audience tonight…. It’s my first time ever, and I’m going with my best friend Ella and my friend Kelly,” she says. “And we’re going to sit in the crowd, which is very exciting.”

We’re sure the smooth-talking ladies’ man won’t mind the romantically challenged Milano in his cheering section.

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Posted by:Christine Law