jennifer grey winner 'Dancing With the Stars': Champ Jennifer Grey won herself a trip to the operating room

“Dancing With the Stars” Season 11 winner Jennifer Grey is the living embodiment of the “no guts, no glory” sentiment.

Grey tells “Access Hollywood” that she has to undergo surgery for an injury she sustained on the show (it almost kept her from completing her final two dances). “I ruptured a disc, and I’m gonna go home today and I’m probably gonna have surgery this week or sometime next week,” she says.

Don’t fret, “DWTS” fans. Your current titleholder then downplayed the surgery, saying it’s not a major operation and that she’s been through worse. “It’s just gonna be like a little surgery where they take out the ruptured disc thing, and you know, it won’t be a big deal,” she explains. “Compared to the other surgeries I had on my neck, my doctor says it won’t be a big deal. I’ll be home that night.”

Grey also makes it clear that her current injury has nothing to do with her neck, which she’s had trouble with ever since a car accident back in 1987: “My neck is fine,” she said. “My neck did really well because it has a
steel plate in it. So, it was really, actually, it’s probably the
strongest part of my body.” 

So was the coveted mirror ball trophy worth the pain? In a word: Duh.

“I gotta tell you, the win and the experience of doing — more the experience of doing ‘Dancing With the Stars’ — already, like I don’t even remember the pain I was in a week ago.”

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