Actress Chelsea Kane hit the ballroom floor running on the season premiere of “Dancing With the Stars.” And though the judges were noticeably harsh in their critique of her and partner Mark Ballas‘ bold week 2 jive, she’s emerged as an early front-runner.

Zap2it caught up with Kane after her appearance on The KTLA News Morning Show, where she explained her strategy moving forward in the competition.

“The fan reaction has been amazing,” the 22-year-old says of her most recent performance. “And that, for both Mark and I, is why we have no regrets going so unconventional with our jive. Everyone has been so complimentary, reaching out to us on Twitter and Facebook.”

Because of the response, Chelsea and Mark are determined to find a happy medium between fresh choreography and a traditional routine in week 3. “We’re going to try to combine both elements this week for our Cha Cha,” she says. “[We’ll] still make it cool so that the fans like it and people our age want to watch it and enjoy it, but a little more [of a] traditional Cha Cha so that we don’t get a 5.”

The real challenge for the Cha Cha, her first Latin dance of the season, will be compensating for what she refers to as a natural hip deficiency — something her partner isn’t making her feel much better about.

“It sucks because Mark makes a better girl than I do,” says Kane.”The guys have to show the girls all of their moves… Mark can work it out much better than I can. My pride is taking a hit right now.”

See how Chelsea and Mark pull off their story week Cha Cha on the April 4 episode of “Dancing With the Stars” — and if you missed her on KTLA, watch her interview below:


Posted by:Mikey O'Connell