chelsea kane week 1 'Dancing With the Stars': Chelsea Kane says her hips are her handicap“Jonas” vet Chelsea Kane was up to bat first during the “Dancing With the Stars” premiere, and the pressure of kicking off Season 12 was not lost on her.

“You don’t have that five minutes that everyone else does to kind of take in the crowd and catch your breath,” she says, speaking with press after the performance show. “To be introduced and hop right into the first number… I thought my heart was just going to explode out of the front of my dress.”

Well, her heart is intact and her dress remains un-besmirched, possibly due to the fact that she and partner Mark Ballas killed their foxtrot — by Week 1 standards, at least.

Kane says she’s “super-flattered” by her score (a tied-for-third-place 21) and admits it makes coming back next week a little less daunting.

Not that she’s totally over the nerves. Since we first caught up with Kane at the Season 12 announcement, she’s maintained that her biggest problem is her slender figure.

“I have no hips,” she says, “so it will be funny getting into some of the Latin.”

And how do you compensate for a lack of hips? “That’s Mark’s job,” says Kane, throwing the question to her partner, whose only plan right now is to “make it work.”

How very “Project Runway.”

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell