chynna phillips week 3 dancing 'Dancing With the Stars': Chynna Phillips already plotting another Wilson Phillips dance

If you were surprised Chynna Phillips pulled out the big guns — performing to her iconic hit, “Hold on” — only three weeks into the new season of “Dancing With the Stars,” you’re not alone.

But the Wilson Phillips singer says it was a no-brainer.

“[It was] very moving for me,” Chynna told press, including Zap2it, backstage after the show, adding that having band-mates Carnie and Wendy Wilson there made it even more special. “There was no second-guessing it. I knew that was the most memorable year of my life… Going through everything I that I had gone through and coming out the other side was just really important.”

Someone not as convinced was partner Tony Dovolani, who got a little nervous when he realized he was choreographing a dance for the song’s writer.

“At first I was excited i got the song,” says Tony. “Then I thought… people are going to hate me if I don’t do this right.”

Their score of 26 probably put him to ease a bit. But does this mean we’re not going to get any more Wilson Phillips tunes if Chynna continues to stay on top of the leader board this season? Not necessarily.

“We’re doing that week 12,” Chynna says of dancing to another one of her songs.

Tony agrees that they’re working on an encore, though he knows it won’t come in week 12. It’s only a 10-week season.

“Oh it is?” says Chynna. “We’re doing it week 10.”

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell