erin andrews 320 gi 'Dancing With the Stars': Erin Andrews has her reasonsErin Andrews has her reasons for joining “Dancing With the Stars,” and they’re not all about dance.

The ESPN reporter who faced scandal last year — after she was unknowingly videotaped through a hotel-door peephole — will join other celebrity contenders including Winter Olympics gold-medalist figure skater Evan Lysacek, astronaut Buzz Aldrin and latest television “Bachelor” Jake Pavelka when the 10th season of the ABC contest starts Monday, Mar. 22.

“It was just so hard when I was asked to do it,” Andrews tells Zap2it. “Everything was going on with my situation, and everything is still going on. My sister and my parents were like, ‘Why are you hiding? Are you kidding? This is something you’ve wanted to do. If you want to, go do it.'”

The suspect arrested for allegedly posting the tapes he made of Andrews online, and also trying to sell them, is scheduled to be sentenced the week before the latest “Dancing With the Stars” begins. With that, Andrews knows the timing of her new television job is significant.

“I thought back to all the letters from stalking victims and video-voyeurism victims who reached out to me and said, ‘Please fight this. Please do what you can. You’re in the national spotlight.’ I was fortunate to have a powerful lawyer to help me, and to go on ‘Oprah.’ If I turn my back on this opportunity, what kind of example am I for other women who have been victims?

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” Andrews emphasizes, “and I’m tired of continuing to be victimized by people who say I deserved this. I’m getting involved with several support groups, and I can only help bring more awareness with this platform.”

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