evan lysacek samba interview2 'Dancing With the Stars': Evan Lysacek explains what went wrong in Week 6Before “Dancing With the Stars” even began, many believed Evan Lysacek was the front-runner to win. Throughout the competition he hadn’t disappointed — until Monday (April 26) night when he tied for last place.

So what was so different about last night? Zap2it spoke with the Olympic champion about what went wrong.

Plus, Evan responds to Jimmy Kimmel‘s accusation that it’s “cheating” for him to be on an amateur dancing show; tells us about meeting up with Kate Gosselin post-elimination; and shares his thoughts on Len Goodman lashing out at Maksim Chmerkovskiy for his bare chested samba.

Sorry to hear about your concussion! How are you feeling?
I do feel better this morning. I have a little headache still, but I think I was running on adrenaline for the last couple days since that accident. So it’s kind of normal and hopefully I’ll have a little bit of rest today, and I’ll be right back to skating tomorrow night in Indianapolis, I believe, with “Stars on Ice.” So Anna and I are really just keeping our fingers crossed that we make it through the elimination tonight.

What do you think happened last night?  And do you feel like the judges harsh comments were warranted?
The samba was a really challenging dance for me. Like all the dances, it was brand new at the beginning of the week, but I really struggled picking up the steps, and even remembering the steps this week. I had so much trouble. It was just very unnatural for me for some reason. And we came a long way. We were really proud of the strides we made this week and where our performance was yesterday. The judges were obviously looking for more than that, and it didn’t really satisfy what they wanted. So I just kind of have to accept that I didn’t quite do enough last week, and hopefully we’ll make it through and we can go back to the drawing board.

You mentioned last night that the Latin dances are more challenging for you, but you did the rumba last week and scored all nines. What was the difference between the two Latin dances?
It was just because the rumba was a little bit slower pace, so I was able to really think one step ahead and think of the next move that was coming. And the samba is so fast, and you have to be ready for that next step before it gets there.

When Erin Andrews was on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Monday night, Kimmel made the comment that he thinks it’s “cheating that you and Nicole Scherzinger — who are both professional “dancers” (Kimmel remarked that he believes ice skating and dancing are essentially the same) — are allowed to compete on a show of amateurs. What do you have to say to that?
It’s kind of interesting — my partner and I have really been criticized every week. We haven’t really had that week were we get a “great job.” We just are consistently getting criticism, and I think we like that, and we go back to the drawing board and work on it and come back the next week and test it. And, you know, it’s a little insulting when people think that skating and dancing are the same thing because they’re so different. Skating is so physical. I mean if people saw the training that goes into it, the 12-hours days in the gym and the weights, weight-lifting, and the injuries and the falls and a lot of the sweat and blood that goes into the hard work we do. It’s insulting when people are, I guess, without trying to sound rude, that ignorant about it. But at the same time, I do know how to train, and maybe that’s where he’s coming from?

You had mentioned on “Ellen” that Kate Gosselin might be coming to your ice show in Pennsylvania. Did that happen?
Yeah, she did come. It was on Friday. She came to the show, and we got to hang out which was really cool. She sat right on the ice and watched the show, and it was great to see her. It had only been a couple days since I saw her, and it was like, ‘Oh, we’re reunited!’ just because we’re all so close. We’re like a family on that show…. I think she’s already missing [“DWTS”] a little bit, but we’re missing her for sure, and she did a great job on the show. She improved every week, and that’s really all any of us can ask for.

Len Goodman made it known last night that he was not a fan of Maksim’s shirtless samba. Who do you side with on that? Good or bad idea on Maks’ part?
Well, I think that we’re all looking for the balance of satisfying the judges and satisfying our fans, and Maks has so many fans — and I’m sure they want to see him strip his shirt off. They love to see that. And if they hadn’t done such an incredible job dancing, then you know maybe there would have been an argument there, but they did and amazing job. They looked awesome. And you know, maybe that was something that wasn’t even planned and just was in the heat of the moment. They were doing the samba and that’s what that dance was about, so go Maks and go Erin for doing such a phenomenal job.

To see if Evan stays around for one more week, tune in to “Dancing With the Stars” Tuesday night on ABC.

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