evan lysacek 'Dancing With the Stars' Evan Lysacek talks tango, Johnny Weir and designer Vera WangEvan Lysacek talked exclusively Tuesday (Mar. 23) with The Dish Rag at the Ralph Lauren Robertson Blvd boutique bash honoring the Olympic Gold Medal champion figure skater.

Lysacek partnered with Polo Ralph Lauren at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games and he looked hot in an RL logo polo shirt.

Since he’s now hoofing it on “Dancing With the Stars,” we were curious about his transition from figure skating into dancing, his fave dances and costumes, how he feels about Evgeni Plushenko‘s pull-out, and his relationship with outspoken fellow skater, Johnny Weir.

]]>Is there a difference between dancing and skating? What problems adjusting has he had? “There have been problems because I’m not used to moving my feet quickly because I’ve always had ice-skates on them. So it’s definitely a challenge and then staying in sync with my partner and in sync with the music, because I’ve never counted music before. It’s really tough for me that all of the rotation is in the opposite direction I usually go on the ice. I feel like I’m doing everything in reverse.  Wrong side is out, head is the wrong way. That’s a challenge every day with me  I just have to keep working on it. What’s it like to dance with Anna Trebunskaya: “She is so great and technical minded. She gives me tons of information and I’m able to work with it.” What’s the difference between figure skating and dancing costumes: “Dancing is more character driven. Skating is more athletic. But you want it to reflect  your own style and to tie in to the music. It’s packaging.  It can’t be so over the top, because we’re still in an  event with athletes from a lot of different sports that are wearing uniforms.  And you don’t want to distract from the skating. with lots of different sports that are wearing uniforms. Costumes in dance enhance the dance itself. Ruffle skirts you can use as a prop.  It’s stuff we would never be able to do in skating.” On his opening night costume: “The wardrobe department wants us to have input and have the costumes reflect our style.  So for the first night, I wanted to wear a tux with tails.  And they said, Perfect we’ll make you one.” Why he loves designs by Vera Wang: “She’s made five incredible outfits for me this year, all of which I loved. Two of which I’ve worn in the Olympics. She’s been a mentor to me because she was a skater herself.”
On his outspoken competitor Johnny Weir: “We’re just acquaintances really. I think I’ve only had two personal conversations with him in my life. But he’s a great skater, an incredible skater obviously.” What dances is he looking forward to learning? “Right now, I’m learning the jive. But I like the paso. it’s an intense dance. I’m really looking forward to learning the Tango. It’s all about the music.  I love music. I think if I have a good song, whatever  the dance is, it will be a lot of fun.  “ What does he think about Plushenko? “I’m upset that he pulled out of the Worlds. That’s sad. I think he had a foot injury. I wish him well and a good recovery.” Follow Zap2it’s Dish Rag on Twitter and Facebook for the latest celebrity news and buzz. More ‘DWTS’ dish: The latest news from ‘Dancing with the Stars’
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