Cherylburke_emmittsmith_dancingstars3_24_2It being election night and all, I’m going to engage in a little bit of stumping here.

Now, I don’t vote on Dancing with the Stars myself — since I cover TV, I go the Len Downie route in participatory reality shows — and whatever you folks who do won’t bother me. But I will say I wouldn’t mind seeing Emmitt Smith in next week’s finale. And here’s why:

The guy is clearly having a lot of fun out there. All three semifinalists (Mario Lopez and Joey Lawrence being the other two) brought some serious game Tuesday, and the result was a three-way, near-perfect tie, with each scoring 59 out of 60. But more than his fellow competitors, Emmitt really seems to be enjoying himself on the show, and it comes through in how comfortable he is on the floor, I think.

Okay, enough of that. Last week I posited that it was Mario’s show to lose, but after watching tonight’s show I’m not so sure. Mario was as good as he’s been the whole time, but Emmitt and Joey so raised their game that it’s now pretty much a tossup, and the outcome of this week’s performance will depend entirely on audience voting — which is probably the best thing the Dancing producers could have hoped for.

I was most impressed by Mario’s tango — especially given the judges’ beatdown of his last attempt at the dance — and Emmitt’s cha-cha-cha, mostly because he followed up Mario’s really good performance of the same dance with one that was even a little better in the judges’ eyes. And Joey pretty well slayed his rumba, though I wasn’t wild about the song choice of "Eternal Flame."

It’s all down to you, Dancing voters. So just one question: Who ya got?

Posted by:Rick Porter