regis kelly buzz aldrin 'Dancing With the Stars': It's a Buzz Aldrin, Bruno Tonioli showdownWhen “Dancing With the Stars” castoff Buzz Aldrin joined Kelly Ripa and “Regis and Kelly” guest co-host/”DWTS” judge Bruno Tonioli Thursday (April 8) to talk about his Week 3 elimination, he got an offer some of his fellow contestants might not have refused.

Ripa gave the 80-year-old a chance to take a shot (literally) at
Tonioli for all the abuse the judges gave him post-performance. Aldrin
continually got the lowest scores and some of the harshest criticism,
and this was his chance to retort.
Always the gentleman, Aldrin didn’t deck Bruno — but instead offered up an interesting excuse for his performance on Monday night.

“We rehearsed a certain way, we rehearsed without the hat on,” Aldrin explained to Tonioli.

We hear you, Buzz … hats can be tricky!

The former astronaut also kept it classy when Ripa and Tonioli tried to get him to throw his fellow contestants under the bus.

Try as Tonioli and Ripa might, they couldn’t get the American hero to dish on who was catfighting and behaving like a “diva” (yeah, you know who they were going for — *cough* Kate Gosselin *cough*), but he wasn’t about to spill the beans.

“Nobody’s difficult … they’re professional,” replied Aldrin.

Maybe they’ll have better luck digging up “DWTS” dirt next Thursday when the Week 4 castoff joins “Regis and Kelly” for his/her post-elimination chat.

The ever theatrical and amusing Tonioli also had some quote-worthy moments during the opening “Host Chat” segment. Here’s a few for your reading pleasure:

Bruno on pal Simon Cowell’s reaction to “Dancing with the Stars” beating “American Idol” in the ratings:

“He hates ! And now, I actually have a better body. I’m older, and I look better! He hates that! He’s got much more money though, that’s the problem.”

His advice to Tiger Woods:

“Keep it in your pants, shut up and keep playing.”

On men like Tiger Woods, Jesse James and most recently, Tiki Barber, who cheat on their lovely wives:

“Why do you have to eat outside when you’ve got, you know, you’ve got great food at home? I don’t get it.”

On men who have implants:

“Some men have that done. Downstairs … they have their sausage expanded. Is that ok? Can I say that? [Laughter] How desperate, how desperate can you be to have your sausage expanded?

Tune in to “Regis and Kelly” each Thursday to see that week’s eliminated “DWTS” contestant.

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