Jack-Wagner-Anna-Trubunskya.jpgThe “Dancing With the Stars” premiere is just a week away and we’re getting a look at how the rehearsals are going for some of the contestants. Jack Wagner has done Broadway and has some dance background, but he tells Access Hollywood all about his injuries and how he’s avoiding the “white man overbite” while working with pro Anna Trebunskya in the video below.

Poor Jack has sore hamstrings, but that doesn’t stop him from pulling a move on the couch that would impress any yoga practitioner. He says he hasn’t gotten his first spray tan yet, but tells us he’s willing to do anything to get that mirror ball trophy.

We also get to see a clip of him fooling around in the dancing world. We’re pretty impressed. We have a feeling he’s going to be someone to contend with! Watch and let us know if you agree. “Dancing With the Stars” premieres on Monday, March 19 on ABC.

Posted by:jbusch