jake pavelka dwts 320 'Dancing With the Stars' Jake Pavelka: 'I was really shocked' at bottom twoJake Pavelka of “The Bachelor” is one of the new celebs for this season’s “Dancing With the Stars.” He tells Zap2it how he feels about partner Chelsie Hightower, what’s up with him and Vienna and how he felt about being in the bottom 2 this past week.

Let’s get an update on you and Vienna right off the bat. How are you guys doing?

Jake: Great. We’re doing great. Vienna has been a cornerstone in all of this. She brings me lunch, she runs errands so I can rehearse, she’s been great.

Are you guys planning on watching Ali’s “Bachelorette” or would that be weird?

Jake: Oh, absolutey! I have a lot of friends that work on the show and we definitely want to support their work, we’ll definitely be watching. We’re fans. [laughs]

How is it working with Chelsie? Did you know her before the show?

Jake: I knew of her. We weren’t really even acquaintances, we’d met in passing.

Is she as cute and bubbly in real life as she seems on TV?

Jake: In the studio, Chelsie is like a college football coach. She’s like, “Jake, that was really great, I’m really proud of you. But that’s not nearly good enough for Monday night, so do it 25 more times.” She knows what she’s doing, she gets the job done. We push really hard in the studio and then Monday night is an absolute blast. That’s the highlight of the entire show, getting to perform for 25 million people.

What dance are you doing this week and how is it going so far?

Jake: We’re doing the tango, the traditional tango. It’s a hot, mad, passionate dance, it’s great. I think people are going to see a different side to Jake.

How did you feel about being in the bottom two? You looked so devastated.

Jake: I was really shocked. We tied for fourth place [in the judges’ scores] with Niecy Nash and I thought, “There’s a chance!” I just didn’t see it coming. I wasn’t prepared for that.

Are there any of your fellow celebs that really surprised you in how they are in person?

Jake: Niecy Nash. She is the funniest person I’ve ever met. She’s great, she’s like the den mother on the show.

Jake also tells Zap2it that he is constantly updating his Twitter with behind-the-scenes stuff and he tries to reply to everybody who tweets at him, so be sure to check him out on Twitter.

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