jaleel downton dwts 'Dancing With the Stars': Jaleel White would have done Urkel during freestyleOne more couple down! Jaleel White and Kym Johnson are the latest dancing duo to be voted off the show. After the dance off between Roshon Fegan and White, the “Family Matters” star is hanging up his dancing shoes. Zap2it got a chance to talk to White and Johnson right after the results, where he told us about his experience on “DWTS.”

White, who lost 15 lbs on the show says Johnson taught him a lot. “She works hard. Every time I’m going home to go to sleep she’s
going off to rehearsals. She’s looking at something on her iPad, coming
up with the next dance, when we roll out of here she’s going back to
work. If anything I really respect her work ethic, and that’s what I
really enjoyed having my daughter around her, I loved to bring my
daughter to work, because I wanted her to see that this is not fame and
game, this is work man.” Johnson tells us his daughter calls her a princess.

He tells us what he was thinking during the dance duel. “I definitely thought we were doing well. I kind of whispered to her
before, look, this is our encore, let’s dance this like it’s our last
dance. I am proud of my last dance and I can’t wait to see it in the
morning. The judges have to do what they have to do and there is going
to be nothing but good dances going forward from here on out.”

He doesn’t rule out Broadway, but White will be busy with his Syfy reality show “Total Blackout.” He says that if he had stayed around, he would have done a tribute to Urkel. Don’t you wish you had voted?

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