blunt dwts 'Dancing With the Stars': James Blunt performs 'I'll Be Your Man'We’re pretty sure “Dancing With the Stars”‘ results episode on May 2 provided the show’s most random pairing of guest performers ever (they didn’t perform together). Surprisingly, it turned out to be a great combination that brought two different genres to the ballroom.

First, Nicki Minaj took the stage to perform “Moment For Life,” bringing a little hip-hop the ballroom.

Next up was James Blunt who brought the singer/songwriter vibe to the occasion. Blunt performed his new single “I’ll Be Your Man” off his latest album “Some Kind of Trouble.”

We really enjoyed Blunt’s performance and found ourselves singing along to the song that we had never heard before. Surprisingly, the Latin dance that accompanied Blunt’s vocals perfectly suited the song.

What did you think of 5-time Grammy nominee Blunt’s “DWTS” performance, Zappers? We’ll post video of his performance once it becomes available.

Posted by:tbricker