joel grey 'Dancing With The Stars': Joel Grey is there!joel grey 'Dancing With The Stars': Joel Grey is there!Last week, Rick was eliminated, and people were shocked, because Bristol really, really needs to go home. They don’t quite say that, but it’s implied. And this week, each couple will have to do a rehearsed dance, and then something called an Instant Dance. I think Bristol will do horribly at the instant dance, but then again, so will Kurt probably. It seems like the female celebrities have an advantage here, as the male pros can lead them around, while the female pros will have to backlead their male celebrities, which seems more difficult. But what do I know?

In the introduction, Tom admits that they’ve never tried this crazy Instant Dance idea, and they have no idea if it will work. So let’s try it for the first time on live television, right? First up for their rehearsed dance are Kyle and Lacey. They got good marks for their paso doble last week. This week, they have the Viennese waltz, which Lacey explains is like the waltz but faster. In rehearsals, Lacey is REALLY hard on Kyle. Like super mean. Kyle takes great pains to explain that he finds Lacey’s yelling funny, and Lacey says that Kyle knows it’s not personal, but I would not respond well to that kind of coaching at all. Does Kyle?

He really does! I think this is his best dance yet. It’s lyrical and graceful, and his posture is good. His footwork is better, but not great. But definitely better. What do the judges think? Len lists off all the ways in which Kyle improved his technique. Bruno knows that Kyle charms everyone, and he appreciates that Kyle has taken the judges’ criticisms and improved. Carrie Ann says that her crush on Kyle is back, and that he looked like he was dancing on clouds. I think the judges really want Bristol to go home, and they are going to pump everyone else up. Just a theory. I think the producers know that Bristol has outlived her usefulness as a ratings grab. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 9 for a total of 27.

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