julia stiles large gi 'Dancing With the Stars': 'Dexter' newbie Julia Stiles is satisfied not to danceJennifer Grey is about to start a “Dancing With the Stars” stint, and Julia Stiles is content to leave it to her.

Grey had “Dirty Dancing,” but Stiles had her own success stepping out on screen in the MTV-produced 2001 movie “Save the Last Dance.” The actress will be making careful moves of a different sort as she joins the cast of Showtime’s “Dexter” in its upcoming fifth season’s third episode — Sunday, Oct. 10 — and she maintains that’s enough television work for her for now.

But “Dancing” later? Maybe.

“I think it would be really fun,” Stiles tells Zap2it, adding that the “Dancing With the Stars” producers never have approached her. “You’d get into killer shape, but I’m going to stick to scripted things for now.”

Still, Stiles puts her dance experience back into practice occasionally: “I did go back and take classes for about a year with my childhood teacher, who teaches more structured modern dance. Other than that, it’s hard to have any consistency with dance.

“I find other ways to satisfy that itch, through yoga or Pilates … or just dancing in my living room to a loud radio.”

Since “Dexter” studiously keeps future developments under wraps, Stiles can’t say much yet about her character, uniquely named Lumen. She recognizes what the show can do for a guest performer, as with John Lithgow‘s recent Emmy win as last season’s Trinity Killer, and she says it hasn’t taken her long to adjust to the “Dexter” pace.

“We work so quickly on the show, you have to ask all the questions about what is going on, because there’s something else going on beneath the surface of every single bit of dialogue.”

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Posted by:Jay Bobbin