kate-begs-for-DWTS-votes.jpgTurns out that Kate Gosselin has started her very own “Keep Kate” campaign.

Gosselin stepped out for her tango last Monday (April 12), she sent an
email out to her friends asking — actually “begging” — for their
votes to keep her dancing.

The famous mom of eight explains in the email (obtained by Life &
Style) that she has been “emotionally drained and ‘absent’ for much of
practice,” even adding that she’s “much less than confident this week
and am actually BEGGING you this week to vote to the max.”

Gosselin goes on to ask her friends to blast the email to ten people.

the footwork-challenged reality TV star fared much better with last week’s tango than she did in Monday night’s fox-“walk.” Hmm … should’ve
saved the that begging for one more week, Kate.

Lucky for Gosselin, George Lopez enlisted the help of daredevil Steve-O
to carry on his “Keep Kate” campaign last night. Perhaps Steve-O stapling himself
with “Vote for Kate” signs will inspire folks to keep her around?

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Photo credits: Life & Style, ABC

Posted by:Christine Law