Kate Gosselin is one of the competitors on the new season of “Dancing with the Stars” and although she admits to being “uncoordinated” on “The Jimmy Kimmel Show,” she assures Kimmel that she won’t back off the challenge.
“Are you a competitive person,” Kimmel asks. “Have you watched my show?,” Gosselin replies.


Kate is planning on practicing in her basement at home in Pennslvania, and in a nearby dance studio, in order to be closer to the kids. 
But when the show starts up, won’t she have to bring all the kids out to L.A.? No way can she fly back and forth, right? She admits that her kids will vote for her. But will her ex Jon Gosselin?
Anyway, she thinks her main competition is from Pamela Anderson — who’s danced her around a few poles in her day — and Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls — ditto. 
Good luck, Kate. You look great and we wish you the best against those babes. Frankly, we think you have the underdog advantage and lots of public sympathy. Hardly seems fair to pit Kate against those pros.
Are we right or are we right?

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead