Katherine Jenkins had a great night on “DWTS,” except for one little thing. She had a wardrobe malfunction. While doing her trio dance, a suit that was supposed to rip off in one piece left the leg of the pant wrapped around her leg. She handled it like a pro, but wasn’t happy about what happened. Zap2it chatted with Jenkins and her partner Mark Ballas about what happened.

We asked Jenkins how she felt about the night. “It was just a really weird night,” she says. “I can’t believe the roller coaster of a
night. I kind of feel bad for the second number, because Mark
choreographed an amazing routine, which we didn’t feel like we were able
to give 100% to. Because of the wardrobe malfunction and we still can’t
figure out exactly how that happened.” She joked that it was sabotage, saying, “there was a seam that wasn’t supposed to be there.”

Both Jenkins and Ballas expressed how disappointed they were because the attention went to the pant leg and not the dance. Ballas says, “I was just upset because of the leg thing. The dance was so clean. Like,
when you watched it in rehearsal, the dance was so clean. Then focus
went to that, instead of how clean the dance was.”

We asked her if she knew when it happened. She says, “Oh yeah, I knew. It was wrapped around my foot and underneath my foot,
and I just thought, am I going to fall, but I just had to carry on.” Ballas says that the kick she did was a great instinct, but it was supposed to be a flick. He tried to help her, but she had already moved away from him.

She handled it like a pro, don’t you think? Let us know your thoughts below and vote in our poll about who you think might be going home on elimination night.

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