dancing with the stars dwts katherine jenkins mark ballas abc 'Dancing With the Stars': Katherine Jenkins sings her way to possible victoryKatherine Jenkins got two perfect 30’s on the Season 14 of “DWTS.” Zap2it got a chance to chat with Jenkins and Mark Ballas right after their stellar performances. She gives us the scoop on how long they rehearsed and singing during her freestyle.

Ballas tells us, “The freestyle is so stereotyped into this huge massive deal so there’s this added pressure to it. But I feel like every dance is just as important as the next, you can’t be like ‘I’m going to wait till the freestyle,’ you have to perform in every number that you do. And we took our Paso Doble just as seriously as we took the freestyle this week.”
Jenkins added that they worked 13 hours a day. “He pushed me to the absolute limit there were moments when I thought I’m not sure if I can do this. But all the hard work paid off, you were great at calming me down today! Yeah our first perfect score, I’m thrilled with that!”

Jenkins sang at the beginning of her freestyle number. Ballas says, “For me freestyle means no rules. And I wanted to tell the story of an authentic 1920’s slash 30’s jazz club you know what I mean and I was like how can I tell it? Cause at first it was you saw me walking in the rain, it was going to be a couple walking in the rain like oh let’s go check out this club. That was the first thought so i was kind of messing with that for a mite and then I was like uh that’s not clicking for me, so I was like, well what if she’s the singer in the band and I’m just a regular dude coming to check out the club and then you know I think she’s cute, she think’s I’m cute, then we start doing this awesome crazy Charleston, Lindy Hop, old school 20’s thing. And we tried that and that’s what went down!”

Jenkins adds, “I actually think maybe singing a little bit at the beginning for me kind of settled my nerves because I was back in my comfort zone and so that’s a good way, I was like oh that’s what I do, and then we danced!”

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