dancing-with-the-stars-dwts-katherine-jenkins-mark-ballas-abc-donald-driverKatherine Jenkins may have come in second in the finale of “DWTS,” but she’s number one with a large portion of America. She’s always classy on the press line and had nothing but lovely things to say about champion Donald Driver. She may not have won, but she’s now America’s sweetheart and she’s sure to shine in anything she does, including her next gig, singing — by request — for Queen Elizabeth II for her Jubilee celebration.

Zap2it caught up with Jenkins right after the show, where she told us how she feels about her ranking, what she’s doing next and how she wants to put on weight.

We asked Jenkins about her favorite moments. She not only tells us about the dance, but her favorite moment of the night was adorable. “I loved our Jive and our Argentine tango. Learning those were brilliant.
Oh, and this little girl! She was amazing. I laughed and it was the
perfect timing. Our song was ‘Splish Splash’ and we had bubbles on the
wall. We picked this color before we knew the song. And this little girl
comes up and says ‘Mama, are they supposed to be goldfish?’ It was so
cute! It was the cutest thing I’ve ever heard!” Could she be cuter?

She was incredibly gracious about Donald Driver’s win. “Donald is such a gentleman,” she says. “We’ve gotten to know his family and you
can’t not be happy for him. To see his reaction when they said his name,
I started laughing because he was jumping around with joy and that was
so nice to see.”

We asked about maintaining that “Welsh Wiggler” body. She laughs, saying, “I actually want to put a bit of weight on so I’m going to go eat.” Partner Mark Ballas chimes in, saying, “I’m about to Hulk smash a pizza.”

What did you think of the results? Was Katherine robbed? Let us know below.

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