debimazar dancingwiththestars s9 290 'Dancing with the Stars': Kathy Ireland, Debi Mazar & Louie Vito face elimination in Week 2With the majority of the celebtestants tied, this “Dancing with the Stars” elimination could be very much dependent on how likable the celebs are.

We start with last night’s confessional-filled recap. Seeing Kym’s outfit again totally gives me “Xanadu” vibes, as she seems to do at least once a season. Next, Baz “Replacement Len” Lurhmann introduces the encore from Mya & Dmitry. Somehow, Dmitry rocking the Clark Kent makes him way hotter. And cut to Mickey Rourke in the audience. Wha? Way to wreck my daydream.

Hosts Tom Bergeron and Samantha Harris (who’s hair is awesomely huge tonight) throw it to the scoring recap before giving our first round of results, in no particular order. The highest scoring couples last night, Donny Osmond & Kym, Mya & Dmitry, and Aaron Carter & Karina, are all safe. Can’t say I’m surprised.

Our first special performance tonight is from Joss Stone, who I love, with her new single “Free Me.” Joining her are pro dancers Jeremy Hudson & Mallauri Esquibel [thanks to commenter twoleftfeet for the proper spelling – I swear I can’t understand Samantha half the time] . I really like the song and it’s nice to have someone actually singing live for a change.

Our first bit of filler is about the “DwtS” rehearsal studio, which is bigger than ever and complete with a room that’s just like the performance stage. The next results bring Mark Dacascos & Lacey, Natalie Coughlin & Alec, and Debi Mazar & Maks all out on stage. They’re all tied and, sadly, Debi & Maks are the only ones not safe.

You know that whole Vote-To-Make-A-Dance thing they do? So far it’s been decided that it’s going to be a Paso Doble to “Eye of the Tiger.” The next thing for the audience to vote for is which former celebtestant will return to perform. Choices include Kristy Yamaguchi, Kelly Monaco, Mel B., Drew Lachey, Helio Castroneves, Sabrina Bryant, and Joey Fatone. I’m pulling for Mel, Joey or Sabrina I think.

derekhough dancingwiththestars s9 290 'Dancing with the Stars': Kathy Ireland, Debi Mazar & Louie Vito face elimination in Week 2Selena Gomez hits the stage to perform “Falling Down” from her new album “Kiss & Tell” next while Derek & Karina dance. The song’s catchy but Selena doesn’t look entirely comfortable on stage to me. It’s very…rehearsed. But the dancing was faboo.

Next up, Joanna Krupa & Derek and Michael Irvin & Anna are under the spotlights to learn their fates. Tom lets them both off the hook. I’d gladly switch out Joanna for Debi.

After a commercial break, we get more results in rapid fire motion. Chuck Liddel & Anna, Melissa Joan Hart & Mark, and Kelly Osbourne & Louis are safe but Louie Vito & Chelsie aren’t. It’s a travesty, a sham, and a mockery.

The second filler package is the pros talking about breaking the bad habits of their celeb partners and reformatting them for dancing.

Next up is the Macy’s Stars of Dance segment featuring a quartet of breakdancers and eight steppers accompanied by the USC Trojan Marching Band playing “Get Down Tonight.” Loved it! Stepping doesn’t get the exposure it deserves. It was choreographed by two of the guys from “Stomp The Yard,” the names of which I didn’t catch initially but will list when I can figure it out.

[The choreographers were Chuck Maldonado and Jimmy R.O. Smith]

Joss Stone returns to sing the classic “Son of A Preacher Man,” which I feel like was on her first album. Haven’t listened to it in awhile. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, I love Joss. Dmitry, Anna, Louis, and Cheryl hit the floor on this one. At one point they do this really cool four-person Samba Roll. I’ve never seen anything like that before.

Only two couples haven’t found out whether or not they’re safe – Tom Delay & Cheryl and Kathy Ireland & Tony. The latter is in the bottom. It’s between Kathy & Tony, Debi & Maks, and Louie & Chelsea. Out of the three, it really should be Kathy. Bless her little heart.

kathyireland tonydovolani dancingwiththestars s9 290 001 'Dancing with the Stars': Kathy Ireland, Debi Mazar & Louie Vito face elimination in Week 2So Louie & Chelsea are safe. Whew! Maks and Tony high-five right before the Red Light of Doom shines down on them. Carrie Ann says she’s surprised Debi’s in the bottom but it’s so early that she hates losing anyone. After a uncharacteristically short pause, it’s revealed that Kathy & Tony have been eliminated. She was happy to have learned from a Ballroom champ and is as gracious as she’s always been.

For some odd reason, their farewell dance is to “If I Could Turn Back Time” a la Cher. That’s kind of a weird choice.

Is anyone surprised by this? I’m not, though I’m surprised by who else they put in the bottom. Maybe the producers did it for a voting check? How’d you like the special performances? Anything else you’d like to share?

Posted by:Tamara Brooks