kirstie alley kelly preston 'Dancing With the Stars': Kirstie Alley's pal Kelly Preston commandeers her Twitter account

“Dancing With the Stars” is keeping Kirstie Alley even busier than she expected. The Mar. 21 show day for the Season 12 premiere was so packed, she didn’t even have time to tweet.

“The Twitter guys have been great,” Alley told press backstage of her outlet to talk with fans. “It’s the only social media I’m on, so I talk to them all of the time, and they’ve been amazing.”

But not before performance night. Alley’s rigorous schedule kept her from giving her phone a second look. “I haven’t Twitter-ed all day,” she says, presumably pretending to forget the proper verb is “tweet.” “I thought I would have time to do it, but I didn’t. But Kelly Preston, she did the cutest thing, she grabbed my phone, and said “this is Kelly Preston talking for Kirstie. Vote right now!”

It’s true. We checked and Mrs. John Travolta indeed highjacked the Alley Twitter: “Hi! this is Kelly Preston I’ve confiscated her Twitter to remind you to
call 1800 868 3411 to vote…woohoo Kirstie rocks vote 8pm-1030pm!”

Aw, if there’s anything we love more seeing dancing stars, it’s their famous best friends cheering them on in the front row.

But Kirstie’s followers shouldn’t worry about her neglecting them for too long. A few hours after we spoke with her, she’d issued several tweets, chronicling her victory meal. A “23” is definitely cause for celebration.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell