kurt warner eliminated 'Dancing With The Stars': Kurt Warner is sackedkurt warner eliminated 'Dancing With The Stars': Kurt Warner is sackedI’m sad that Tom doesn’t say “LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE” anymore. I wonder who made that decision. Did Tom feel like it was played out? Did the producers feel like it wasn’t necessary? Did someone just forget one week and then they realized they don’t need it? These are the big issues that need to be investigated. I don’t care about the behind-the-scenes quarrels and divas. Okay, I totally care about that. But I also wonder why Tom doesn’t say LIIIIIVE anymore.

After reviewing the standings, Tom asks Len who’s getting the encore, and Len says they’d like to see Kyle and Lacey’s jive from the Instant Dance. It’s fun, but it doesn’t have the adrenaline of last night. There was something about the “this could go horribly wrong” terror in their eyes that made it more fun. And I think it helped you to overlook any mistakes in technique. It’s definitely high-energy, though. I wonder if Kyle had the stamina to do that routine at the beginning of the season.

Last night, Kyle and Lacey got praise from the judges for their waltz and their jive. Kyle dedicated the jive to his mom, except for the part where he slapped Lacey on the butt. And we get to immediately find out if they are in jeopardy tonight. And guess what? They are not. They are, in fact, safe.

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