lacey schwimmer slam book 'Dancing With the Stars' Lacey Schwimmer: Her worst wardrobe malfunction and 11 other confessions

“Dancing With the Stars” pro Lacey Schwimmer has been on our radar since she appeared in Season 3 of “So You Think You Can Dance.” And though we were sad to see her sent packing during the first elimination of Season 12, alongside partner Mike Catherwood, she hasn’t gone very far.

Lacey will join the other “DWTS” pros in group routines and during results night, and she’s testing the journalism waters as a show correspondent for E! News. In her free time, she’s playing around in the recording studio, plotting a single.

We recently gave her our Celeb Slam Book questionnaire, and in addition to divulging her seriously eclectic TV tastes, the dancer outs her most embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. And it’s pretty much amazing.

Describe your daily routine.
I’m woken up by my three amazing pups! Then feed them and take them potty. I clean up the house, errands, dance rehearsals, interviews, vocal lessons and recording at night.

If you had to choose another career, what would you be?
A hair and makeup stylist. I went to the Paul Mitchell hair academy but dropped out to continue dancing.

Tell us about one of your most embarrassing moments.
If you only knew me, I’m a very embarrassing person — super klutzy off the dance floor! But I was on tour with “DWTS” and my heel got caught in my skirt and took off my skirt completely. I was bare-bummed on front of 8,000 people, but I pull that skirt up and kept dancing.

If you could jam with one person dead or alive, who would it be?
Ray Charles and Johnny Cash. Such a fan of their work and talent.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Food! I absolutely love food, pasta and chocolate especially.

lacey schwimmer slam book 2 'Dancing With the Stars' Lacey Schwimmer: Her worst wardrobe malfunction and 11 other confessionsWhat are your can’t-miss TV shows?
“Toddlers & Tiaras,” Bad Girls Club,” “The Bachelor,” Little Miss Perfect,” “My Strange Addiction,” “Ghost Adventures” and “Who Do You Think You Are?”

Is there another celebrity you’ve always wanted to meet and haven’t yet?
Tom Hanks, [he’s] such a brilliant actor. Or Jim Carrey!

What goes in your carry-on bag on the plane?
Lotion, perfume, chapstick, iPod, gum, floss, powder, mascara.

What do your friends make fun of you for?
Like I said, I’m an embarrassing person — there’s too much. But I have chubby fingers and toes, I can’t spell and I have an amazing talent in making ugly faces.

If you could trade lives with someone for a day, who would it be?
Spider-man. I’ve always had a fascination with superheros.

What is your favorite book?
Any cookbook. I like to pretend I can cook… I’m actually terrible!

What’s a surprising activity you do in your free time?
Bowling. I’m no good but I like to pretend I’m someone to be afraid of with a bowling ball.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell