lea thompson mar 2011 gi 'Dancing With the Stars': Lea Thompson lives 'in anticipation and fear of that call'Former “Caroline in the City” star Lea Thompson returns to TV series work as the mom of one of the accidentally exchanged daughters when the ABC Family drama “Switched at Birth” premieres Monday, June 6.

Despite her relationship with the ABC … er … family — she also guest-starred as Cappie’s (Scott Michael Foster) mom on “Greek” — Thompson, a former dancer, has never been approached by the producers of “Dancing With the Stars,” which fellow “Red Dawn” veteran Jennifer Grey won last season.

“I’ve lived in anticipation and fear of that call for all these years,” Thompson admits, “but they’ve never even peeped at me, and I don’t know why. I think they treat the people really nicely, and I say ‘Three cheers to America’ for liking that show. Mostly, it’s very polite, and I like that. It’s people working hard and other people respecting that. It’s a lovely show.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin