margaret cho dancing with the stars results 'Dancing With the Stars': Margaret Cho continues dance therapy with week 3 performance

Fans of “Dancing With the Stars” know that it hasn’t been an easy road for Margaret Cho. The judges remain harder on her than some of her co-stars, and training has proven to be more of an emotional journey than she bargained for.

But those are the same reasons why Cho is succeeding, avoiding potential eliminations for two weeks running. And as she told Zap2it, her brief tenure on the show already has her reevaluating her entire life.

“I feel so good about myself,” says Cho, who admits her toner physique feels more like her own skin. “It’s a life change, it’s not just a dance show or a competition. For me, I’m going to keep this forever.”

Cho hasn’t been shy about how this transformation has affected her, breaking down sometimes in rehearsals and admitting that the whole process has resembled therapy. “It’s scary,” she admits. “And since I’m a stand-up comic, it’s new territory. But I’m
so safe with Louis [Van Amstel].”

Vam Amstel and Cho are sort of joined at the hip these days, and not just because of the day-long rehearsals. Cho’s rigorous stand-up tour has had them traveling together between most shows — something Van Amstel sees as another advantage for the duo.

“It’s kind of great to be away from Hollywood,” he says. “Here, we’re
reminded of the pressure of the competition. But away, it’s just the two
of us.”

But week 3 marks a new kind of pressure for the couple, with their routine demanding a story to accompany it. Fittingly, they’re making it about Margaret’s journey.

“Our story is really my story,” she says. “It’s about a girl who’s always felt out of place and overweight and ugly and the first time she feels beautiful. It’s a coming out story for all kinds of people — coming out as beautiful, coming out as gay, coming out as yourself. More therapy!”

They’ve chosen that path because for Cho, it’s become just as much about reaching the viewers as it is about improving herself. “I think people can really identity with what I’m going through,” she says. “There
are so many people who feel insecure, and that’s what I’m combating. I’m
representing that.”

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Photo credit: ABC

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell