Maria-Menounos-Derek-Hough.jpgIs it hot in here? Zap2it hit the red carpet after week two of “Dancing With the Stars” and had to ask about that super hot dance between Maria Menounos and pro Derek Hough. There was a possible kiss and chin grazing. Of course it started relationship rumors.

We asked the pair about the rumors. Hough says that it’s nothing. “Cearly, clearly-I
am not ‘that’ guy. Nobody wants to be ‘that’ guy, I mean…” Menounos is taken, in case you’re wondering.

But it wasn’t planned, exactly. Hough says it wasn’t rehearsed. “It was
a moment thing. It was definitely funny because last week and said I was going to do
a sweet rumba, but I got all these twitters saying you had better do a sexy rumba
so I said all right. Well we were in it, she arched her back and put her head
back and I was like, okay. I was just kissing her chin.”

Check out the video of the dance below and let us know what you think.

Posted by:jbusch