maria-menounos-derek-hough-dancing-with-the-stars-trio-dance-elimination-dwtsMaria Menounos has been battling injuries since she started on “DWTS.” We at Zap2it called her a cylon because she keeps on dancing, despite broken ribs and a broken foot. Well, it seems her fans believe the same. We chatted with Menounos right after the elimination round, where she told us about a fan video calling her Rocky Balboa.

We asked her partner Derek Hough about their “red light” moment. “It was crazy, did you see Maria‘s cheeks? She
was trembling,” he says. “We were definitely nervous. Wow a double elimination is
brutal. It’s a week to the semifinals and that is crazy, but everyone in
the final four are definitely the strongest left so I feel it’s going
to be a pretty tough semifinal. To make that final is going to be tight.
I am choreographing as I speak to you right now. And coming up with
some routines that will be showstoppers.”

Hough says he doesn’t regret taking a risk with their Bollywood trio, and says he won’t stop innovating. The couple say they love the “Dance Center” spoof, which called her bones “brittle” and compared her laugh to that of a dolphin.

We asked Menounos what her strategy is, going forward. She says, “Just staying in the game and continuing on. To be able to learn more
dances and have more fun and just be a part of this. It’s been a magical
experience and I don’t want it to end. I am blessed to be to be here
right now.” Check out the fan video below. For the record, Maria, we love that laugh!

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