melissa-gilbert and maks.jpgThere has been endless speculating about “Dancing With the Stars” contestant Melissa Gilbert‘s mysterious French boyfriend. Life & Style reports that his name is Theirry Gauchet and that he works in Paris, where he restores and sells vintage automobiles. We chatted with Gilbert and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy at the week 2 elimination show, where she told us he was coming into town for next week’s show.

Gilbert tells us she’ll be going out more, starting Thursday (April 5), saying “I’m going to be going out more. Especially now. My fella is coming in on
Thursday so we’ll go out a little more. He lives in France.” She says they haven’t been in a room together since February 20. Maks joked, saying “I’m so happy he’s coming. I’m so happy!” Gilbert laughs. “I’m starting to chew on the pillars!”

Maks did say the timing wasn’t good. “Even though it’s not a very good week for that. We need you to be a little more frustrated.” Gilbert explains, “I’m going to be focused.” Maks returns, “Not focused. I need you to be angry and frustrated. And you’re going to be so relaxed.” Gilbert says, “I’ll make him sleep in the guest house.”

So, how does Gauchet feel about Gilbert dancing with a hot guy? Maks jokes, “He was supposed to be coming a month later. But he was like, ‘You’re
dancing with Maks? I’ll be there next week. I’ll be there Wednesday.” Gilbert agrees. “Yeah, and last night’s dance he saw yesterday and he Skyped me and said, ‘I think I need to get an earlier plane.'”

Gilbert has recently tweeted about Gauchet, saying, “My favorite TG [Thierry’s initials] text so far; Je te veux….en
quelques jours tu es devenue si importante…c’est toi, c’est l’endroit, c’est le moment….” Translation: “I want you. In a few days you have become so important. It’s you, it’s the place, it’s the moment.”

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