chad erin elimination 'Dancing With the Stars': Miley Cyrus cage dances; Chad Ochocinco, Erin Andrews face eliminationThis “Dancing With the Stars” elimination marks the 100th booting of the show. A grand milestone no one wants any part of.

Somewhat surprisingly, the show kicks off with ushering one couple into the finals. Evan Lysacek and Anna Trebunskaya are fortunate enough to get their golden ticket to next week early.

Next, judge Len Goodman treats us to the performance show recap. He says, if it were any other season, Chad Ochocinco’s Waltz would’ve made him a shoe-in for the finals. However, Evan and Anna get the encore with their perfect 30 Paso Doble. This is easily his best dance of the season (so far).

Since we got to learn about the celebtestants background on the performance show, we get shorter “about me” packages about the pros. Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s is first. He says he got beat up and his roller blades stolen his second day in America. “Thanks guys,” he says sarcastically. I echo the sentiment. Jerks.

Sarah MacLaughlan sings a combo of smash hit “Angel” and new single “Loving You Is Easy” after the commercial break. I love her, though I hate that the song now reminds me of those extremely sad animal charity commercials. You’re bringing me down, man. Thankfully Anna and Jonathan Roberts dancing serves as something pretty to focus on instead. The new single is much more peppy. I like it. Damian Whitewood, Dmitry Chaplin, Lacey Schwimmer, and Kym Johnson are the pros for this segment. I wish Sarah got two full songs.

Cheryl Burke started out as being so shy, her mom thought she might be deaf. That’s very shy.

The Design-A-Dance segment is up next. Joey Fatone and Melissa Rycroft are doing a rock-tinged Tango to “I Wanna Rock & Roll All Night” a la KISS. Why yes, Joey’s costume was a leather-esque, sleaveless jumpsuire with shiny face paint. Is it just me or was the winning costume designer, present in the audience, giving just the tiniest bit of stink-face? Anyway, the number was good

The College Dance Championship continues. From the first match-up, Purdue advances over UC San Diego. I’m a little surprised but it makes sense since Purdue’s male dancers were stronger than UCSD’s that night. Like last week, a combo of the judges’ scores and home votes will determine who moves on.

Rutgers University
Dance: Cha Cha/
This group has only existed for a few months. Not sure why the director is opting for so many close-ups during inoppurtune moments but I’m quite impressed by them. All the dancers were skilled and matched styles very well, which is very important since group dancing always makes the weakest link more apparent. There were some sync issues but they have a lot of potential.
Judges: Len thought it was a great effort and was clear and precise. Bruno says for a new team they did great but the syncronization could use some work. Carrie Ann loved the creativity and, despite any foibles, thinks they show great promise.
Score: 21 (7-7-7)

Utah Valley University
Dance: Cha Cha
At Utah Valley you can get a degree in Ballroom Dance. That seems a little unfair doesn’t it? The issues a saw were pretty minor and the combined skill level is impressive. But that was to be expected. Great job.
Judges: Bruno loved the choreography and called their technique “incredible.” Carrie Ann called it “high impact” and “effortless.” Len said their spacing and lines were perfect.
Score: 29 (10-9-10)

Anna’s “about me” package is next. Her mother Irina is gorgeous. She and husband/partner Jonathan talk about how they didn’t quite get along initially since their approaches to dance were so different. Obviously that worked itself out.

Miley Cyrus takes the stage in a cage next to perform her latest hit single “Can’t Be Tamed.” I don’t have a problem with the song or the whole “imprisoned bird” theme, it just kinda seems like she’s putting on someone else’s persona. Also, though it’s not an overly salcious outfit thanks to it’s costume nature, can we turn legal before rocking bathing suits and thigh-high boots please? Just saying.

Derek Hough’s “personal journey” segment is next. Corky Ballas said the best way to punish Derek when he was acting up as a younger youngin’ was to take away his hair gel. Mwa-hahaha.

With about 10 minutes of commercial-less show to go, Nicole Scherzinger and Derek are the second couple to make it to the finals leaving Chad and Cheryl and Erin Andrews and Maks in the Bottom Two.

Before the axe falls, the judges say nice things about both celebtestants. Len says that in any other season both of the couples would’ve made it to the finals but I’m sure that’s little comfort.

So Chad and Cheryl have the dubious distinction as being the 100th couple eliminated on the show. Chad was extremely gracious and grateful for the experience. He’s so adorable. I want to squeeze him. Cheryl says nice things before we see the goodbye package. It sucks that we can’t see what they’d do for a Freestyle. If he’s that creative with touchdowns I can’t even imagine what he’d do when he’s allowed to do whatever he wants. Chad says he’ll be friends with everyone after the show and that he’ll be here next season as a professional. Charming to the end.

I’ll miss Chad but it was his time. If there was an extra week, do you think he could’ve closed the gap? Think you know who’s going to win? Do the celebs’ partners affect who you’re rooting for? Anything else you want to share?

Posted by:Tamara Brooks