Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough know they were naughty this week. They know they broke the “Dancing With the Stars” commandments but they just couldn’t help it.

Besides, they were just having fun! And so was the audience, watching their adorable, light-hearted, ’30s style romp with a touch of slapstick thrown in on Monday (April 5) night.

]]>The Dish Rag that they would not repeat their dancing offenses and plan to come back with a proper by-the-book dance. “When you hear an audience response like that, the standing ovation, it sometimes drowns out the judges’ scores,” Derek explained. “But it does take a risk. Now it’s up to America to vote.” “We just wanted to have fun and for everyone at home to feel like they were watching an old movie musical and to have fun with us,” Nicole added.”But we’re not taking the mickey out of them.” “We broke a Len (Goodman) commandment so we’re gonna come back and repent with the technical run.” These kids are great. If you liked Nicole and Derek, don’t forget to vote for 08! Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Facebook for the latest celeb news and buzz. Check out the latest “It Happened Last Night” updates More DWTS dish: Zap2it On the Scene: Niecy Nash on love, marriage and footrubs.
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