niecy nash2 'Dancing With the Stars' Niecy Nash: 'My body is going to ache!'
“The Insider” celebrity panelist Niecy Nash was just named as a contestant on the upcoming season of “Dancing With The Stars.” But she tells The Dish Rag exclusively that she’s not afraid of her stiff competitors like Pussycat Doll founder/professional dancer Nicole Scherzinger.
We caught up with Niecy at the Silver Spoon Oscar suite — benefiting the Red Cross — on Wednesday (March 3).
While she eyed Jenna Leigh lingerie and tried on Bandal’s footwear, we asked if she and Kate Gosselin (who says she’s going to win!) were worried about competing with experienced dancers. 

]]>“The fact is that you know what the competition is when you get into it. Very few of us are professional dancers. Nicole Scherzinger , Pamela Anderson and Evan Lysacek all have dancing in their backgrounds. This will definitely challenge those of us who aren’t. We all, including Kate, will have to dig deep. ” 

She added, “Hell, I know my body is going to ache. The first thing I bought was dancing shoes and Epson salts, because I’m going to need them both.”
But even knowing the hard work and the pain, she confesses, “I’m really excited about it, I’m really looking forward to it. I haven’t been in a leotard since I’ve been a little girl.  “
At that, she grabbed some turkey burgers from the Fatburger booth and joked, “This is part of my preparing for the show. Not bad!” — Reporting by Leah Sydney
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