niecy nash jimmy kimmel 'Dancing With the Stars' Niecy Nash on the show's drama: 'There's a whole lot going on!'Jimmy Kimmel opened up a can of worms when he asked the latest “Dancing With the Stars” castoff about how some of the other contestants don’t seem to get along with their partners.

“There’s a whole lot going on!” exclaimed Niecy Nash. “Baby, I could tell you things!”

So Kimmel obviously wasn’t going to let it go on that note. “Well let’s hear it!” he said, encouraging her to spill the beans.

“I served as a mother hen to these children. They needed counseling, inspiration,” she said. Then looking to her partner, Louis Van Amstel, she asked, “There was all sorts of mayhem and tomfoolery, wasn’t it?”

“Oftentimes I would have to wait because she was in the bathroom with some of the other contestants,” Van Amstel concurred — in a serious tone.

Kimmel then went for the money question, pressing her to specify who she spent the most time counseling.

But Nash stayed tight-lipped when it came to naming names.

“You see the packages! All the ones you see that are wailin’ and gnashin’! That was my assignment!”

Fair enough. We can guess (ahem, Kate Gosselin? Erin Andrews? Nicole Scherzinger?).

Nash often brought treats and assorted goodies onto the set to share with the other contestants, and she explained how that helped them as well.

“That’s probably why a lot of them were crying and cutting up, because they was hungry!”

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