niecy nash mark brunetz 'Dancing With the Stars': Niecy Nash, Pamela Anderson, Nicole Scherzinger Top 3?This week on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars,” reality-show personality Kate Gosselin went home, but reality-show host Niecy Nash lived to dance another day.

Nash, currently seen on Style Network’s anti-clutter show “Clean House,” has declared she’s in it for all the “thick girls,” and so far she’s representing. Her co-star, “Clean House” designer Mark Brunetz, couldn’t be happier, and he plans to be there cheering her on during next Monday’s (April 26) live performance show.

“This is a big deal for her,” he tells Zap2it. “It’s very challenging, because it’s not her thing. I’m very proud of her. She’s doing good.”

During production of the previous weeks of this season, Nash was still filming episodes for this year’s “Clean House: Search for the Messiest Home in the Country” — which launched on April 21 and culminates June 30 — snatching free time to practice with pro Louis Van Amstel, who is definitely not “thick.”

“He was here [on location],” says Brunetz. “He’s tiny. His waist is like my thigh, seriously. You get a little nervous if he does a lift or a spin or something, only because I know a big part of that is Niecy really needing to tighten up and support the move. I’m like, ‘Woo, gosh, I hope that doesn’t backfire.'”

Asked to handicap the winner, Brunetz says, “Well, first of all, Nicole [Scherzinger], the girl from the Pussycat Dolls, obviously is exceptional, but I think that’s going to work against her in the long run, because she came out of the gate so strong.

“It seems, the way the show works, you have to have the arc. You have to be the underdog that learned how to dance and surprises everyone and earns America’s vote along the way. So I feel like, even though she is, clearly, hands down, the best dancer … she’ll make the Final Three, but somebody’s going to take her at the finish line.

“Who that person is, I would love it to be Niecy. But if it’s not her … Pam [Anderson] is terrific. She’s being true to who she is. She could win it. She’s what the show is about. She certainly fits that incredibly sexy bombshell image, and then, did you see the split? We jumped out of our seats. We were like, ‘What?’

“If you can do that — hey, you know what? — you’ve got my vote. Pamela, Niecy and Nicole, that’s who I’d like to see in the Top Three.”

He doesn’t, though, think it will be figure skater Evan Lysacek.

“It wouldn’t be Evan,” Brunetz says. “It’s funny, his uncle is our cameraman on ‘Clean House Comes Clean.'”

Brunetz might even want to follow Nash and trade in his designer’s measuring tape and swatches for dancing shoes.

“I would do the show,” he says, “because I would love to do something really physical like that. A lot of my work now is not like that. It’d be interesting. There’s actually some talk circling that, so we’ll see.

“I believe it’s very transformational on many levels, and that’s what I love about it.”

As to which pro he’d like to partner with, Brunetz says, “The cute blonde, Chelsie [Hightower]. That’s who I would pick if I could pick … or Cheryl [Burke].”

In an email response, Hightower says, ‘I’m am flattered he would pick me as his pro if he were to be on ‘DWTS,’ and perhaps he can help me decorate the room I rent here in L.A. while I am working.”

Brunetz also suspects that Burke has a little something going on with her partner, NFL player Chad Ochocinco.

“I thought that right away,” he says. “The second I saw them on TV, I was like, ‘They’re together.’ Their chemistry was amazing.”

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