dancing with the stars david arquette season 13 cropped 'Dancing With the Stars' ousted dancer speaksThere was a huge shocker this week on “Dancing With the Stars.” David Arquette is heading home.

Yeah, we made the same noise you’re making right now. Zap2it was live at the taping and believe us, the yelps in the press room were louder than the ones from the audience. How is it possible that this man could go home with … and we mean this with love, Hope Solo flailed all over the dance floor for weeks while David steadily improved?

It was heartbreaking, really. We get Nancy Grace‘s moxie. We get Rob Kardashian‘s hordes of fans … and his butt. But Hope, nice as she is and as much as she’s had to deal with from Maks … she can’t dance. Yes, we said it. Flappy arms, stiff hips and plastered expression. Please don’t think we’re being mean. We are huge soccer fans here and we love Hope. But she dances about as well as we kick balls into goals.

The funny man, who took his daughter Coco out trick-or-treating last night took it all in stride, talking about how it helped him learn about himself and improve himself physically. He couldn’t resist a joke on stage though, saying, “But there must be some mistake, because this is my show!,” referring to Maks’ outburst from the previous week.

J.R. Martinez compares David to Carson Kresley. “David is so much fun,” he says. “He kept everyone’s spirits up. He was always cracking jokes, and he’s just a funny guy to be around. And you know what? You cheer for him. He’s had a tough road too, personally. He’s come a long way, personally.”

Derek Hough, who did a shirtless (gasping for breath here) tango Tuesday night, says David and Kym should be very happy with what they’ve accomplished. “I remember week 2 and seeing David rehearse. He was bummed out,” Hough says. “He was like, ‘I was in the bottom two this week. No one likes me. That’s a hard pill to swallow.’ I said, ‘Chin up man. This is a good thing. It’s a moment for them to rally behind you.’ And here he is, week 7 and he’s done Indiana Jones and the ‘Grease’ number … he should be proud.”

Arquette appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel
Live!” after their elimination Tuesday, joking that he was booted
because of his dancing prowess.

“I was about to break through — they took me off cause I was a threat!” Arquette told Kimmel “We plan on dancing some more — there’s a great ‘Dancing’ in
Argentina. Have you seen that? We want to take this on the
road … We’ll dance anywhere. Reno!”

He told reporters backstage that he’d be into doing a stint on Broadway. We’d love to see it! Go ahead. Vent your rage. Spill your thoughts on the elimination below.

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